Meet Kalika Jain, The New Age Artistic Entrepreneur With A New Thought – Making Beautiful Art Pieces Out Of Ordinary Bottles

Kalika ia an artist by choice! A media and corporate professional embarked into this new journey of turning ordinary glass bottles into beautiful pieces of craft which are transformed into wonderfuldecorative show pieces. Each piece has its own theme and name, narrating its own story. For her, turning one botle into a fantastic art piece takes eight to ten days and now she has mastered this art.

Speaking to, Kalika says “I’m not an artist by nature which is why you may have seldom seen any painting or sketching related content on my feed.However, even I could not resist the urge to craft and capture these sumptuous combinations of ideas and designs crafted meticulously. I never knew I was crafting memories and not ideas. Yes, there will always be a place for the classic, grand and opulent sculptures and craft items but during the current times when “Less is More” is the mantra then it’s not about luxury and extravagance but a different proposition by doing the things differently. Offcourse, I crave for crafting and believing in new beginnings. I’m truly thankful to God for giving me artistic genes so that I keep immersed in beauty of creation of unique craft pieces time and again”.

This is just a start for her and wishes her all the best in this journey forward,

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