MLC P.V.N. MADHAV, Attends Meeting With Steel Executives Association Executive Members At SEA Bhavan

He said that optimum efforts would be made to keep Vizag Steel Plant as a PSU

SEA President, Shri Katam SS Chandra Rao and General Secretary (SEA) KVD Prasad addressed the SEA executive members emphasizing on the need to merge RINL with SAIL and NMDC so that not only Vizag Steel Plant would remain as a Public Sector Undertaking but also SAIL, NMDC and Government of India be benefited with availability of raw materials, export benefits, immediate expansion of steel production to 7.2MT, etc to which all the Officers’ Association of SAIL and NMDC have already given consent for creation of a single Mega Steel PSU.

MLC Shri PVN Madhav addressed the gathering by saying that to protect all the interests of Vizag steel plant, he would put in all his best efforts in taking up the issue of the merger of RINL with SAIL & NMDC.

He said that optimum efforts would be made to keep Vizag Steel Plant also be in Public sector like BHPV, Shipyard, DCI. In addition he also mentioned that he would take up the executives issues of PENDING PAY REVISION, Promotion policy, etc at appropriate levels.

SEA Vice President Chandra venkateswara Rao, Treasurer CA P.LOKESH and Ex GS Shri Battula Srinivas rao, Mantha Srinivas rao, Ex-Treasure Leela Srinivas and SEA Executive Committee Members were also present in the meeting.

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