Myanmar’s Power Sector Professionals Get Training From NTPC In Microgrids And Electric Vehicles Technologies

Program conducted under Government’s Capacity Building Programme

A team of forty professionals from Myanmar who are working in power sector and associated areas is in India to enhance their professional competencies. The forty participants have come to India, to attend two training programmes, one on “Microgrids” and the other on “Electric Vehicles, Batteries & Charging Stations”. The programmes are being conducted by India’s largest integrated energy company NTPC Limited.

The two programmes are a part of five training programmes for Myanmar’s power sector professionals, which are being conducted by NTPC, under the India-Myanmar Government-to-Government framework for cooperation in power sector. The trainings are being offered under the auspices of Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Programme, the leading capacity building platform of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

Two of the training programmes, namely those on Smartgrids and on Cross Border Training Programs were conducted in March-April 2023; the remaining programmes are scheduled to be held in June 2023.

The second leg of the capacity building programme was inaugurated at NTPC’s Power Management Institute, Noida today, June 5, 2023. These programmes will conclude on June 9, 2023.

The Programme on “Microgrids” aims to provide the participants with an understanding of microgrids, their types, components, business models, applications and benefits.

The Programme on “Electric Vehicles, Batteries & Charging Stations” aims to provide the participants with a practical understanding of Electric Vehicles, Batteries & Charging Infrastructure. It also aims to impart an understanding of Vehicle Dynamics, Fleet Electrification, Challenges and Way forward for Electric Vehicles, Batteries & Charging Stations.

Deputy Chief of Mission, Indian Embassy, Yangon, Myanmar, Ms. Nabanita Chakrabarti; Head, International Business Development, NTPC Ltd., Dr J S Chandok; Director, NTPC School of Business, Dr Rajeshwari Narendran; and General Manager, Power Management Institute, NTPC, Mrs. Rachnana Singh Bhal addressed the forty participants, comprising including 23 female and 17 male professionals.

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