NCOA Thanks Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister For Adopting Resolution Against Privatization Of RINL

The National Confederation of Officers’ Associations (NCOA) has expressed gratitude to the Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, Chief Minister pf Andhra Pradesh, for passing resolution against privatization of Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (RINL), popularly known as the Vizag Steel Plant or the Pride of Andhra. The content of the letter is given below for the benefit of –

Shri Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy
Hon’ble Chief Minister , Andhra Pradesh.

Respected sir,

Sub: Profound Gratitude of this Association for Adopting Resolution against Privatization of RINL, which has been a great pride of AP all along and has contributed in growth of steel sector in an exemplary manner.

Sir, Executive fraternity of NCOA, that represents more than two lakhs Executives of Central Public Sector throughout the whole Country, expresses its deepest gratitude, from the bottom of their hearts, to your good self and the learned and revered lawmakers of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly for adopting a resolution opposing the decision of the Central Govt. to disinvest its 100 per cent strategic shareholding in the most prestigious and highly profitable Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. This Association is highly indebted to your good self and the lawmakers of AP legislative Assembly for undertaking the huge strategic significance of protecting this great Company from Privatization and thus for holding on to your concrete assurance made to our affiliate, SEA at Vizag , that VSP will be insulated from privatization by the AP Govt. 

Sir, we hail your landmark and unique decision of requesting the central Government to drop the move to privatize VSP, which undoubtedly symbolizes the pride of people of AP for many good reasons. This historic decision gives unprecedented strength and encouragement to the employees of PSUs
throughout the Country in general, and SEA and employees of Vizaq in particular and boosts their morale in facing the future technological changes and innovations in the steel sector. Undoubtedly and unquestionably, sir, this landmark decision will go a long way in further strengthening strategic significance of and resilience of RINL to meet emerging challenges in steel sector.

Sir, under your promising and versatile leadership, we are confident about full turnaround of RINL with your highly envisioned and strategic move/suggession of allocation of captive mines and restructuring of capital, conversion of short- term and long-term loans into equity, taking off the repayment and interest burden. This only goes on to strengthen our conviction that, with proper and meticulously planned strategy, PSUs can once again become cornerstones of Country’s infrastructural growth and economy that they once were. A Public Sector Steel plant with high productivity and modern technology as its inherent strengths is fully capable of outdoing private sector.

Sir, Visakhapatnam steel plant rose from the people’s aspirations and agitation of “Visakhaukku- AndhrulaHakku”. RINL Vizag steel is the only PSU left for residual Andhra Pradesh which is giving employment to around 1 lakh people directly or indirectly. Around 64 villagers sacrificed their
lands (22,000 acres) and properties, and more than16, 000 persons were displaced, to facilitate coming up of this prestigious and strategic plant. 

This great sacrifice of people of AP eventually resulted in coming into existence of Vizag steel Plant, under the stewardship of Late Prime Minister of India, Respected Smt. Indira Gandhi.

Sir, during the prevailing 2nd Covid pandemic wave, that has caused widespread and catastrophic National devastation, RINL has been at the forefront in fighting the pandemic by rising to the occasion in most exemplary and unparalleled manner, demonstrating yet again the unwavering and unfailing
commitment of PSUs to face National calamities, from time to time, by ensuring uninterrupted supplies of liquid medical oxygen. It has also risen to the challenge by supplying LMO even to Maharashtra by augmenting its infrastructure in a shortest possible time frame. RINL, as a highly responsible
and committed Company, together with its employees, is participating wholeheartedly and cohesively in fighting the deadly COVID19 pandemic by rendering all the necessary and required assistance to both the Central & State government agencies in this hour of grave crisis.

Sir, the unwarranted decision of the Central Govt. to disinvest its 100% strategic shareholding in RINL would be a great setback for the growth of RINL and will naturally hurt the ‘pride and self-respect’ of Telugu people who have contributed in an outstanding manner towards growth of RINL. 

This sacrifice of the people of AP and their great pride in RINL, besides its invaluable contribution in steel sector, cannot be allowed to go in waste and has to be protected and preserved. In that context, the historic and landmark resolution adopted by Respected lawmakers of AP, will go a long long way in fostering the strength and resilience of PSUs and reinforcing confidence of Indian masses about role of PSUs throughout the Country since this historic resolution is bound to send right messages regarding strengthening and safeguarding of PSUs. We have really no words to express our wholehearted and deepest gratitude to you, sir.

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