Nothing To Rejoice If Deemed Deputation Of Ordnance Factory Employees Is Extended : C. Srikumar, General Secretary, AIDEF

Government does not have any other option than to extend the deemed deputation of Ordnance Factory employees, opines the veteran trade union leader

The deemed deputation of 70,000 Defence Civilian Employees of 41 Ordnance Factories in 7 DPSUs is coming to end by 30th September 2023. There is a big question mark before the employees that what is their status after this cut-off date. According to the Cabinet decision, the 7 corporations should make their HR policy which includes wage package, perks and other benefits.

However, within this two year period the Corporations are not able to formulate an attractive package, which that the same can be placed before the employees for obtaining their option. So far no such option was asked from the employees. It is now only two months left for the completion of the deemed deputation period. Today, a message was circulated by the General Secretary of BPMS that the Defence Minister has approved for extension of the deemed deputation period of the employees by one year.

To find out the views of the AIDEF the major Federation of the Defence Civilian Employees asked for the reaction of C. Srikumar, General Secretary of AIDEF about this news of extension of deemed deputation. C. Srikumar stated that what else is the option available with the government. Neither the Government nor the Corporations are in a position to ask any option from the employees, since the Corporations themselves are in a very bad shape, struggling for workload and wherever workload is available also they are not able to fulfill the same due to various problems after Corporations of Ordnance Factories. Therefore, left with no other option the officials have put up a proposal for extending the deemed deputation period of the Defence Civilian Employees who are on deemed deputation in the Ordnance Factories.

According to Cabinet decision, the EGOM is empowered to extend the deemed deputation period. So far AIDEF is concerned there is nothing to celebrate or rejoice on this, since this is a routine matter. We are fighting with Government as we are having only bitter experience of Corporatisation for the past two years. The Government should withdraw its decision of Corporatisatons and restore back the status of Ordnance Factories as a G\government organisation. The employees of many of the Ordnance Factories will face problems for the bonus payment this year because of low productivity due to shortage of workload and short supply of raw materials and components. The Government has categorically committed before the hon’ble High Court of Madras in writing that the employees will remain of deemed deputation with their status as Central Govt. Employees, Civilian Employees until they themselves opt to join the corporations. Since the Government has given this commitment before the Hon’ble High
Court, and since none of the employees are prepared to join the Corporations because they know what will happen to their future if they join this corporations and hence they have decided to remain as Government Employees in the Ordnance Factories till their superannuation/retirement from service.

Therefore, we have categorically demanded to the Government to publish a notification that all the employees who are on deemed deputation with the 7 Ordnance Factory Corporations in 41 Ordnance Factories will remain as Central Government Employees/Defence Civilian Employees till their superannuation/retirement from service.
We are pursuing the same with the Government.

AIDEF will continue its battle till the Corporatisation of Ordnance Factories is withdrawn and the service of the employees as Central Government Employees/Defence Civilian Employees with all benefits are protected till their retirement from service. Government should dispassionately study the ill effects after Corporatisation and come forward to withdraw its decision of corporatisation not only in the interest of the employees, but also in the interest of the National Security and Defence preparedness, since only the Indian Ordnance Factories have always stood with the Indian Armed Forces during any emergency, war including the Kargil crisis and even in the Covid-19 pandemic period.

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