NPS Will Become An Election Issue In 2024 : C. Srikumar, General Secretary, AIDEF

National Convention called in New Delhi to discuss this issue

The National Pension System popularly called as NPS is day by day becoming a hot subject of discussion. Individually many Federations and Unions were fighting against NPS in their own manner. The AIDEF which represents the 4 lakh Defence Civilian Employees have staged an Anti-NPS Dharna at Jantar Mantar New Delhi during September 2022 and submitted a detailed Memorandum to the Modi Government demanding to withdraw NPS and to reintroduce old pension scheme.

Now a broader Platform in the name of National Platform for Restoration of OPS has been constituted with Central Government Employees which includes Railways, Defence and others and Srate Government Employees. Now this forum is organizing a National Convention against NPS at Delhi on 21st of January in which about 700 Delegates from more than 50 Organisation’s are expected to participate. A Steering Committee is already constituted with Shiva Gopal Mishra Convener, M.Raghaviah Co- Convener, S.N.Pathak C.Srikumar and others. to find out whats going to happen in the Convention asked C .Srikumar Member of the Steering Committee.

C.Srikumar stated that it’s going to be an historical Convention, since the Organizations which were fighting NPS are going to be in one Platform irrespective of their Flag and affiliation.AIDEF from day one is fighting against NPS.Infact AIDEF organised a National Seminar against NPS in 2018 at Ambernath and passed resolution to scrap NPS and restore OPS.

No doubt it’s a National issue now. 5 State Govts have already withdrawn NPS which gives a clear indication that NPS is a total failure and disastrous. The question before the Country is why only Govt Employees who comes through stringent selection Procedure and bound by Conduct Rules with hundreds of ” unbecoming of Govt Employee” provisions are deprived of defined and guaranteed Pension. The elected public representatives right from President, PM,CM,MP,MLA are not contributing a single paisa for Pension,but getting Pension Lifetime with Family Pension without any qualifying service like Employees. But they pass the rules and Acts that Govt Employees should get only Contributory Pension.Why this injustice ? Why this Discrimination? And is there any guarantee of 50 % of last pay of the employee as Pension ?? Is there any Compensation for price rise.Nothing is there. All those who advocates NPS are all getting guaranteed Pension.Govt has to spend only 4% of its revenue as Pension.How old aged former Govt Employees who served the Nation for their life time of 30 to 40 years are treated as Liabilities.They are National Assets.Its the duty of the Country to take care of the Senior Citizens. They retire at 60 years and after that they live for maximum 10 to 15 years at an average.They work for all the Govts without any party affiliation. How can they be neglected.

The National Convention will discuss all these issues

After all in Democracy Ballot is the most Powerful weapon. All Govt Employees, Pensioners,their family, relatives all put together will be about 10 crores. Is it a Small Number ? Can any political party dare to ignore this 10 Crores. Political Parties including ruling parties have to make up their mind on NPS.They have to come openly and declare scrap NPS and restore OPS.Let Govt take back its share of contributions and deposit Employees Contribution to their GPF Account and create an environment for the retired/ retiring govt employees to live a decent life post retirement concluded C. Srikumar

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