NTPC Mouda Organises Workshop On Power Markets : Present & Future

The workshop was attended by the employees and officials of various departments of NTPC Mouda

Elaborating and focusing extensively on the present and future scenario of the power industry, NTPC Mouda organized an insightful workshop on Power Markets on Saturday. The workshop saw the esteemed presence of Shri Sudhansu Sekhar Barpanda, Director (Market Operations) Grid India, Shri V. Balaji, ED WRLDC, Shri Akhilesh Awasthy, Partner Lantau Group, Shri K.M.K Prusty, Head of Project, NTPC Mouda and all GMs of NTPC Mouda.  

In the opening remarks of the Power Markets Workshop, Shri K.M.K Prusty, Head of Project shared about the evolution of the various Market mechanisms and Market
Institutions working across the country.

Shri Akhilesh Awasthy, Partner Lantau Group began the workshop on Power Markets mentioning the significance of competition in the market which eventually brings down the prices in the market. He gave a wider overview of the Power Markets existing in the country and other International Practices and lessons that can be learned from India. He emphasized on how the electricity market started almost three decades back and the power market witnessed a surge in power demand post-liberalization. Moreover, the Electricity Act 2003 proved to be path-breaking within power exchange.

Discussing more specifically about NTPC, Shri Akhilesh Awasthy mentioned how NTPC is utilizing its resources effectively and efficiently and predominantly playing a significant role in benefitting the power market. Besides focusing on the intricacies of the power market, Shri Awasthy also shed light upon prerequisites for a competitive power market, current power market products, power exchange and other issues related to the power market.

Shri V Balaji, ED (WRLDC) mentioned the challenges of energy transition and the need for new kinds of market mechanisms to address the challenges of energy transition.
In the concluding remarks of the workshop, Shri S S Barpanda shared an overview of the historical transition of the power systems and power markets in the country and various sectoral initiatives taken in recent years. Apart from discussing the transition of the power systems, Shri Barpanda also talked about the road map for the future of Power Markets in India. The workshop was attended by the employees and officials of various departments of NTPC Mouda.

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