NTPC North Karanpura Sponsors 2-Year Residential Turner Course For 10 Project Affected Students In Jharkhand

Inaugurates Function at ITI Gola, Ramghar District

An auspicious inauguration function was held at the ITI Gola, Ramghar District, Jharkhand, to mark the commencement of the two-year residential Turner course, sponsored by NTPC North Karanpura under its Community Development initiative.

The course, aimed at fostering skill development among the youth, is set to provide quality education and holistic support to 10 Project Affected Persons (PAP) from the villages wherein 5 students are from Naiparam, 2 from Garilong, 2 from Dunduwa, and 1 from Tandwa. This commendable initiative, costing approximately Rs. 20 lakhs for two years, encompasses all essential provisions such as food, lodging, course fees, safety kits, uniform, and a monthly stipend for the students.

Notably, the esteemed Chief Guest, Shri Swapnendu Kumar Panda, Head of Project, graced the event alongside the Guest of Honor, Shri Anil Kumar Chawla, AGM HR and Special Guest Shri M K Gupta, MD of Jharkhand Government Tool Room. Also present were ITI Shri Mahesh Munda, Naiparam Mukhiya; Smt. Sabida Khatoon, Kamta Mukhiya, Shri Abhishek Anand, Senior Manager HR, Shri Harsh Kumar Sethi, AGM Envt, and Sh. NA Shipo, CSR Executive.

Speaking on the occasion, the Principal of ITI Gola applauded the initiative, emphasizing its role in empowering the youth and fostering their employability. Both Mukhiyas, representing the villages of Naiparam and Kamta, extended their appreciation to NTPC for its instrumental role in uplifting the local community through such proactive measures.

In line with this, Shri Swapnendu Kumar Panda highlighted, “This initiative is a crucial step in bridging the skill gap and enhancing the employability of the youth. Our aim is to equip these students with the necessary skills and knowledge, ensuring a secure future and promising career prospects in this competitive world.”

With the joint efforts of NTPC North Karanpura and ITI Gola, this initiative promises a transformative impact on the lives of these 10 students, further reinforcing the commitment towards fostering sustainable development and inclusive growth in the region.

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