NTPC/Rithwik AMR Consortium Coal Mining In Jharkhand : No One Killed Kirni Birhor But Why No Autopsy !?!?

DC Hazaribagh orders probe taking cognizance of www.indianpsu.com report but will mining stop till people of Birhor community are shifted to a safer place

It was the ill-fated day of February 28, 2024, when 10-year-old Kirni Birhor died near Chatti Bariatu coal mines of NTPC Limited, which is operated by M/s. Rithwik-AMR Consortium.

Some facts :

Name of Settlement : Birhor Tola (Pagar Village)

District : Hazaribagh, Jharkhand

Number of families residing : Nearly 30

Number of Birhor Community natives living here : Nearly 115

Distance between Mines and Settlement : almost just 75 feet

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It was in April, 2022, when NTPC’s MDO – Rithwik AMR Group started mining in the area. Locals say that the whole village and all buildings shudder when blasts take place in the mines. Apart from the deafening noise of the blast, the atmosphere is continously filled with black dust particles which emanate from the mines. The problem is huge as the population of the settlement have to live in there poor and unhygienic conditions. Below is a video shot just after a blast in the mines.

It has been over two years since the mine is operational but till date NTPC Limited or its MDO – M/s. Rithwik-AMR Group, has done nothing for the resettlement of the near extinct Birhor tribals. Be it the local MLA, the M.P. or the local administration, no one has done anything in this regard so far. As a matter of fact, two years ago, the Birhor tribals even wrote a letter to the Chief Minister of the state, marking copies to the District Collector of Hazaribagh and others, just before NTPC Limited and its MDO – M/s. Rithwik-AMR Group, started excavation of coal, praying for resettlement of their colony and proper compensation, but all fell on deaf years. A copy of the letter is given below for the benefit or the viewers of www.indianpsu.com

Why No Post-Mortem Was Carried Out

The mother of the deceased went on the record to say that her daughters’ death was not natural and it were the ill-effects of coal mining which took her life. See Video-

The law of the land clearly states that in cases where there is suspicion over the death of the deceased as mentioned under Section 174(3) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC), then the dead body must be sent to the Government Medical Officer for postmortem. But despite the statements of the family members of the girl, the body was buried in utmost haste without performing autopsy, due to reasons better known to the district administration and the police. While Rs. 5,000/- (Five Thousand Only) in cash was given to Kirni’s father Biru Birhor, Rs. 35,000 (Thirty Five Thousand only) was deposited in his account by M/s. Rithwik-AMR Group.

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www.indianpsu.com accessed a copy of the report on the probe ordered by District Collector, Hazaribagh and its findings

The report concludes with it findings that though there are some covers in the mining area and water is being sprinkled in the area by the NTPC on regular basis, these measures are not enough. The report ends by saying that till the time the persons of Birhor community are not shifted elsewhere, mining in the area is not suitable or desirable.

www.indianpsu.com sent emails to CMD of NTPC, Corporate Communications In-charge of NTPC, Secretary Power – Government of India, Secretary Coal – Government of India, Deputy Collector of Hazaribagh, Chief Secretary of Jharkhand and to M/s. Rithwik Projects Private Limited, asking them whether there were any plans to stop mining in the area till the endangered Birhor tribals were not shifted to safer locations ?

Two further reminders to the email, the first one was sent on May 20, 2024 and the second was sent on May 21, 2024, but none of the addressees gave any reply/reaction whatsoever, after which www.indianpsu.com, had no other option but to proceed with the article without any government or company version.

In the meantime, social activist and whistle blower Mr. Mantu Soni has sent a legal notice to various officials of Jharkhand state, demanding legal action against NTPC and its MDO on the death of two Birhor tribals and illegal transportation of coal through road.

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has also directed Superintendent of Police (S.P.) Hazaribagh, to take necessary action in this case.

To Be Continued …….

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