OFB Employees In No Mood To Relent, Burn Effigies Against Government Decision To split OFB Into 7 Corporations

The struggle of the Defence Civilian Employees against the Modi Government decision to split the OFB in to 7 Corporations  has created serious industrial relation problems in all the Ordnance Factories. The employees are agitated  and are totally upset with the decision of the Government, since it takes away all the protections which they are having as a Central Government Employees. They are also equally worried about the future of 7 Corporations. The Federations are not in a mood to for any compromise on this. As a first step of their next round of agitation effigy of the Corporatisation was burnt throughout the country in front of 41 Factories. Report says that thousands of employees have participated in this effigy burning programme. After this programme the three Federations have now issued a joint statement, wherein they have called upon the employees to be prepared for an indefinite strike in the coming days. The contents of the joint statement issued by AIDEF, INDWF & BPMS is reproduced below for the benefit of viewers of www.indianpsu.com – 

80,000 Defence Workers  of  41 Ordnance  Factories protest against the NDA Government decision to splinter the Ordnance Factory Board into 7 Corporations by burning effigy  of  Corporatization!

The  BJP led Government of  India  has  taken  a  decision  which  is  an  historical  mistake  and blender  on  16-6-2021  to  splinter  the  220 years  old  Indian Ordnance Factories into  7  corporations.  An  ill  advised  and ill conceived decision taken by the present Government. This  is  going  to have  serious  impact  on  the security and  Defence  preparedness of  our  country.  This  decision  of  the  Government  is  in violation  of  the 20 years written agreement between the then Governments and the Federations  that the  Ordnance Factories  would not be corporatized. Five  previous  Defence  Ministers  including  late George  Fernandez, Jaswant  Singh, Pranab Mukherjee, Manohar Parrikar  and Shri. A.K. Antony  have  entered  into  written  agreements  with  the  Federations  that  Ordnance Factories  would  not  be  corporatized. Last year  taking  advantage  of  the  Covid pandemic when  the  Finance  Minister  announced the decision of the Government to corporatize the Ordnance Factories  the  All India  Federations of  the  Defence civilian  employees and  the  factory  level Trade Unions  served  an  indefinite  strike  notice  to  commence  from  12-10-2020  against  the Government decision. 

However, after the  intervention  of The Chief Labour Commissioner(Central) a conciliation settlement was reached  on  9-10-2020  and  the  strike  was  deferred.  However  the Government  went  on  violating  the  settlement  and  got  the  approval  of  empowered  group  of  ministers  Chaired  by  Defence  Minister Rajnath Singh. The Federations (AIDEF,INDWF, BPMS)  lodged  a complaint  against  the  Ministry of Defence to  the  CLC  on  31-3-2021.  However  the  CLC  without  taking  any action  succumbed  to  the  pressure  of  the Government  and  closed  the  conciliation  proceedings  in  the  absence  of  the  3  major  Federations  which  served  strike  notice,  thereby  enabling  the  Government  to  decide  to  split  Ordnance  Factory  Board  into  7  small corporations. 

Nationwide protest  has  spontaneously started  in  all the  Ordnance Factories and Defence establishments and  on 19-6-2021  throughout  the  country  the  effigy  of  corporatisation  of  OFB  / Government  decision  was  burned  in front  of  the Defence  Establishments. The  Federations  will meet  on  Sunday  and  take  a  decision  about  the  various  action programmes  demanding  the  Government  to  withdraw  its  draconian  decision  including  indefinite  strike. It is pertinent to mention here that support to the struggle of the Defence Civilian Employees against the Corporatisation decision of the Government is pouring in. All the 10 Central Trade Unions including INTUC, AITUC, HMS & CITU have issued a joint statement in this regard. BMS has separately written to the Prime Minister and requested to intervene and reconsider the decision.

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