Ordnance Factory Employees Betrayed – AIDEF BPMS And CDRA Write To Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

Tussle between Defence Civilian Employees of Ordnance Factories and the Government continues

The tussle between the Defence Civilian Employees of Ordnance Factories and the Government is continuing. It has gone to the extent that the Federations of the employees have now told Rajnath Singh the Defence Minister that they are betrayed since none of the govt commitments including what was told in the High Courts and Parliament is blatantly violated.The AIDEF BPMS and CDRA has demanded for the immediate intervention of the Defence Minister.

www.indianpsu.com accessed a copy of the joint letter of AIDEF BPMS & CDRA which they have issued today to the Defence Minister. We are reproducing its contents for the information of our viewers –


Ref. No. : 145/AIDEF/BPMS/CDRA/22 Date : 04.02.2022

Shri.Rajnath Singh Ji,
Hon’ble Defence Minister
Government of India,
New Delhi – 110 001.

Subject : Defence Civilian Employees of Ordnance Factories betrayed.

Reference : 1) Meeting held with the Federations on 02/12/2021 & CDRA on 27/12/2022 with Addl. Secretary(DP).
2) Joint letter of AIDEF, BPMS, CDRA dated 13/01/2022 addressed to Hon’ble RM.
Respected Sir,
We are pained to submit this representation to your honour, since the 75000 employees of Ordnance Factories are feeling betrayed. The assurance and commitments given by your honour to the Federations, the decision of the Cabinet, the commitment given by the Government both in the Parliament and in the High Courts are being blatantly violated by the 7 Corporations. We have brought all the issues which has cropped up on service matters of the employees to the notice of the Addl. Secretary(DP) in the meeting with Federations on 02/12/2021 & with CDRA on 27/12/2022 and subsequently in our representation dated 13/01/2022 to your honour. However neither the DDP has taken any remedial measure nor we have received a favourable reply from the DDP on all the issues represented by us.

The situation has become so serious that the employees are not even able to withdraw their GPF amount, since neither the Branch LAOs are passing the Bills nor the Field Units have started functioning. The same situation is expected to happen in the case of the employees who are retiring from service with regard to their pension and other terminal benefits. No responsible official from DDP is discussing these issues with the Federations for settlement. We once again submit the following burning issues to your kind notice for your intervention and settlement. 

1) As assured by Addl. Secretary(DP) instructions may be issued on all the issues represented by the Federations and CDRA including continuing the weekly working hours to 44 ¾ hours in a week
2) Compassionate appointment has been completely stopped in the Ordnance Factories for the past 4 months. Despite our repeated representation, no instructions have been issued so far in this regard. Instructions may be issued for grant of compassionate appointment to the wards of the deceased employees.
3) As regards IR Mechanism at the level of CMDs there should be a “Corporations Hq. Level Consultative Mechanism” in which the recognised Federations and CDRA will nominate their representatives i.e. 3 from each Federation and CDRA (Total 12 representatives) to discuss the issues relating to production and productivity, future workload, target completion, modernisation, R&D activities, development of new products, safety and quality etc. However the Corporations of their own have started issuing instructions to the General Managers asking for names of participants from the Works Committee, Local Unions, Branch Associations etc., by ignoring the Federations and the CDRA.
4) At the Addl. Secretary(DP) level there should be an “Apex Level Consultative Mechanism” to discuss about all the common issues pertaining to the 7 Corporations and DOOC&S) in which 4 representatives of each Federation/CDRA can be nominated.
5) Instructions for restoring the functioning of JCM-III Level Council, JCM-IV Level Council, Apex Productivity Council and Local Productivity Council etc., should be issued at the earliest.
6) Instructions to continue the welfare related activities in the Factories by continuing the facilities available to the Works Committee, JCM, Unions, and Associations, Canteen Managing Committee, Cooperative Society and Cooperative Consumer Stores etc. Stoppage of these welfare activities will result in high demoralisation of the employees, since all the established welfare activities will come to a complete stand still.
7) To ensure timely payment of GPF and all terminal benefits to the retiring employees.
8) The employees of Ordnance Factories are governed under Ordnance Factory Medical Regulations and hence as decided by the Cabinet for protection of service conditions, the Ordnance Factory Hospitals should continue to remain with the Ordnance Factories and not to be handed over to any other agency.
9) In the interest of education of the wards / close relatives of the employees, the Ordnance Factory Schools should continue to remain with the Ordnance Factories.
10) There is an acute shortage of workload in many of the Ordnance Factories, especially in the Factories under Troop Comfort Limited and the Yantra India Ltd. are having no workload from 2023-2024 onwards, this is matter of serious concern for the survival and existence of these Factories.
11) Extreme Winter Climate Clothing Technology developed by the DRDO has been handed over to 5 Private concerns and not given to Ordnance Factories.
12) The newly developed Digital Combat Uniform work order is not been given to the Ordnance Factories and have been told they should also participate in the Tender along with private industries. This is an injustice. Ordnance Factories should continue to be given workload on nomination basis to keep the workforce fully engaged and also to fully utilize the available capacity and infrastructure.

The above are only a few examples to bring to your kind notice that how the Defence Civilian Employees of Ordnance Factories are suffering and each one of the employee is feeling that he is being betrayed. Hope you will appreciate the seriousness of the situation prevailing in all the 41 Ordnance Factories and will intervene, so as to settle all the above issues on a time bound manner, so as to avoid industrial unrest and discontentment amongst your own employees.

An earlier and favourable action is expected.

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