Ordnance Production To Oxygen Generation – AIDEF Wants OFB To Gear Up Production Of Oxygen Generation Plants

Disruption in Oxygen supply in different parts of the country has taken away the life of hundreds of people. The latest one is the death of 12 Covid -19 patients at Batra Hospital at Delhi, 24 died in Karnataka Hospital and 8 in Andhra Hospital. The situation is slipping out of control as patients started dying create panic all over. The situation in Delhi continues to remain grim with several private hospitals scampering to refill their Oxygen stocks. The Hospitals are now deciding to cut down the number of beds until the situation improves. The country’s Atmanirbar Bharat is only in political speeches and  the country is now left with no option than to
import the life saving Gas. Trade Union of our country are always subjected to criticism that even in crisis they only cry for their demands. Disproving this criticism, the All India Defence Employees Federation which represent the Defence Civilian employees of 41 Ordnance Factories have now given solution to the Ordnance Factory
Board about manufacturing of Oxygen Generation Plants in some of the major Ordnance Factories. C.Srikumar, General Secretary of All India Defence Employees Federation has written a letter to the DGOF & Chairman of Ordnance Factory Board in which he has given various proposals for manufacturing Oxygen Generation Plants which the country is in dire need of.

www.indianpsu.com has accessed a copy of AIDEF letter dtd. 04/05/2021 addressed to the DGOF & Chairman/OFB with regard to manufacturing of Oxygen Generation Plant in the Ordnance Factories. The contents of the letter is published here for the benefit of our viewers.

Sub: Manufacturing of Oxygen Generation Plant in the Ordnance Factories.

You are aware that the entire country is in crisis especially due to disruption in Oxygen supply and according to media reports hundreds of people have died due to non-availability of Oxygen after being infected by Covid-19 virus. Considering the seriousness of the situation, the Hon’ble Defence Minister has already given direction to the OFB and DPSUs to immediately start manufacturing Oxygen Generation Plants. It is understood that OFC Kanpur has developed a PSA based Oxygen Generation Plant and this is being developed totally In-house through our own resources. Similarly MTPF Ambernath has successfully converted the existing PSA Nitrogen Unit in to PSA Oxygen Unit. This unit takes air as input from atmosphere. This proves that OFB is capable of producing any item required for the country. 

According to our information producing Oxygen is not very difficult. Either it can be produced Liquefying the air when at a certain temperature before Nitrogen liquefies and Oxygen can be draw of or distilled. The other process is known as Pressure Swing Absorption . This is actually two step process when the Zeolite and molecular sieves have to be purged of Nitrogen before starting the cycle again. It is a simple design and many Ordnance Factories can easily rig up the plans. We are of the view that Factories like OFC, FGK, GCF, VFJ, MSF and HVF should be able to rig up  the plant within a fortnight with the design/specification help from MTPF. OFB can arrange supply of empty Cylinders new one from plants which produce them now. 

Considering the Oxygen requirement of the Nation to save the life of the people, we request your goodself to take appropriate steps, so that as in the last year OFB can play a vital role for the country and its people to save the life of the citizens who are affected by the 2nd wave of Covid-19 Virus. At present the Hon’ble RM has given emergency financial powers to the Armed Forces to meet India’s Covid-19 challenges. OFB may also ask for such powers from the MoD for setting up of Covid-19 facilities and Covid related manufacturing facilities. 

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