Padmashri Sudha Singh met Girls Empowerment Mission’s participants at NTPC Unchahar

Mrs. Singh interacted with 120 participating girls, learning about their experiences with the NTPC organized program

In the NTPC Unchahar’s Girls Empowerment Mission Program, Padma Shri Sudha Singh met with girls and inspired them to achieve success.

The girls empowered by the NTPC Unchahar’s Girls Empowerment Mission Program, inspired by Padma Shri Sudha Singh, are striving to achieve their goals. International player Padma Shri Sudha Singh visited the program organized by NTPC Unchahar.

In the presence of Project Head Mandeep Singh Chhabra and President of Priyadarshini Ladies Club Taruna Chhabra, the little girls participating in the program welcomed and congratulated Sudha Singh. Afterwards, the children asked questions filled with curiosity.

During the program, Mrs. Singh interacted with 120 participating girls, learning about their experiences with the NTPC organized program. Engaging in dialogue with the young girls, she explained the fundamental steps necessary to achieve goals and encouraged them to understand and align their preparations accordingly. She emphasized that one should never fear struggles in life but should face challenges with strength to climb the ladder of success. Continuously advancing towards one’s goals is the secret to success. Those who steadfastly pursue their goals with determination cannot be defeated by any circumstance.

Addressing the young girls, she stressed the importance of education and skills in life. She highlighted that through the NTPC’s High Nutrition Value Program, living in rural environments, they have the opportunity to nurture their hidden talents and skills. She urged them to not only focus on their own development but also serve the nation alongside, shining as mentors for the NTPC. The NTPC’s Girls Empowerment Program, led by Mrs. Singh, was truly commendable. Mrs. Singh praised the efforts of the NTPC wholeheartedly.

Project Head Mr. Chhabra appealed to the participating girls in the program to be inspired by Mrs. Singh. He stated that Mrs. Singh is not just a role model for all Indian women but also a source of inspiration. The daughter of rural areas has illuminated India’s name on the world stage, and all should be inspired by her to pursue their dreams with determination.

Meeting with Mrs. Sudha instilled confidence in the young girls, and conversing with her brought smiles to all their faces. On this occasion, NTPC’s Human Resource Chief Ruma Sharma, along with other senior officials, were present.

It is noteworthy that the NTPC High Nutrition Value Program is organizing the Girls Empowerment Program from May 14th, with 120 girls aged 10 to 12 from surrounding villages participating. Through the program, young rural girls are being taught education, arts and crafts, music, dance, painting, self-defense, and other skills to foster their overall development. The program will conclude on June 10th.

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