Peoples’ Parliamentarian Award Given To Shri Binoy Viswam

A seminar on topic “what is happening in Indian Parliament” was attended by 5 eminent Parliamentarians

The Ordnance Clothing Factory Workers Union Avadi, affiliated to All India Defence Employees Federation has organized a Seminar on 24/04/2022 at Avadi Chennai on the theme “what is happening in Indian Parliament”. The Seminar was presided by N.J.Raman Working President of the Union, and the introductory speech was delivered by Shri. C. Srikumar, General Secretary of the Union and All India Defence Employees Federation.

The Seminar was attended by 5 eminent Parliamentarians. Binoy Viswam from CPI, S. Thirunavakarasar from Indian National Congress, T.K.S.Elangovan from DMK, K. Subbarayan from CPI and S. Venkatesan from CPI(M) addressed the Seminar. The 5 MPs who addressed the gathering criticized the Modi Government for not allowing the democratic functioning of the Parliament and how the rights of the Parliament Members are denied in their participation on the discussions on various policy matters and also on the various bills being placed in the parliament by the ruling party.

They were also critical about the manner in which the controversial Farm Bills, Essential Defence Service Act, Labour Codes and other Bills were passed in the parliament without any discussion in the house. The practice of referring the controversial bills to the Parliamentary Standing Committee and Parliamentary Select Committee for scrutiny has been completely dispensed.

The MPs also further criticized the Government that the National Security is being compromised by splintering the 41 Ordnance Factories in to 7 Corporations with the ulterior aim of privatizing these Defence Production Units. They urged the Government to withdraw the Government decision. They also criticized the manner in which public sector undertakings are being damaged through dis-investment, privatization and asset monetization etc.

They called upon the people of the country to remain united and fight back against the anti-people policies being followed by the present Modi Government.

The OCFWU Diamond Jubilee Organizing Committee of the OCFWU presented the “People Parliamentarian Award” to Binoy Viswam and other 4 MPs in recognition of their outstanding contribution in the Parliament for the cause of the toiling masses of the country.

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