PESB To Conduct Interviews Of Eight Candidates For The Post Of Director (Refineries) On October 13

If chosen amongst these candidates, IOCL could get its first ever lady Director

PSU headhunter Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB) has shortlisted 8 candidates to be interviewed for the post of Director (Refineries) in Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL). The interviews are to be conducted on October 13, 1 pm onwards. The shortlisted candidates are :

  1. Mr. Partha Ghosh, ED, Indian Oil Corporation Limited
  2. Mr. Gopal Chandra Sikdar, ED, Indian Oil Corporation Limited
  3. Ms. Sukla Mistry, ED, Indian Oil Corporation Limited
  4. Mr. Asis Kumar Maiti, ED, Indian Oil Corporation Limited
  5. Mr. Rajendra Kumar Jha, Chief General Manager, Indian Oil Corporation Limited
  6. Mr. Satya Prakash, Chief General Manager, Indian Oil Corporation Limited
  7. Mr. M. Venkatesh, Managing Director, Mangalore Refineries and Petrochemicals Limited
  8. Mr. Ravitej V. Pamaraju, ED, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Industry sources say that past choices to this prestigious post have come with the rider of the successful candidate being from Chemical Engineering background. Partha Ghosh, definately comes from this background but his only drawback is that he is set to superannuate in November, 2022, hardly having time for this tenure.

Gopal Chandra Sikdar, seems to be the front-running candidate at this time but a CBI enquiry at the time of his stint with Bongaigaon Refinery, could come in his way. CBI had investigated a major case against him at this time and the first appeal from IOCL against the heavy penalty imposed on him, had been turned down by the Central Vigilance Commission. He, somehow, got relief from the CVC in the second appeal by the IOCL. As the present head of Panipat Refinery of IOCL, Sikdar is said to have strong political connections and tremendous clout but the old CBI taint could go against him.

Rajendra Kumar Jha, also comes from a Chemical Engineering background but though he has been shortlisted, in normal course, CGM level officers are not selected for this senior a post.

M. Venkatesh, the present Managing Director, Mangalore Refineries and Petrochemicals Limited, is said to be the dark horse of the race. He was initially with IOCL from where he resigned long ago to join Mangalore Refineries and Petrochemicals Limited.

Ms. Sukla Mistry is another deserving candidate. She is at present heading the Barauni Refinery of Indian Oil Corporation Limited and has also headed the Digboi Refinery of IOCL in the past. Her only apparent drawback is that she has no political connections or influential backing to support her candidature. But if lady luck shines on her, she could well become the first woman to be seated as a Director of Indian Oil Corporation Limited. wishes all the best to all candidates and may the best be chosen for the coveted post.

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