PNB Records Net Profit At Rs 2022 Crore During FY21

Public Sector Bank, Punjab National Bank (PNB) recorded a net profit of Rs 2022 Crore during FY21. Its operating Profit increased Y-o-Y by 28.4% to Rs. 22980 Crore during FY21. Gross Global Business reached Rs. 1845739 Crore & Global NIM improved to 2.88 % in FY21.

Key Highlights –
a) Global Business of the Bank stood at Rs. 1845739 Crore as on March’21 as against Rs. 1834290 Crore in March’20.
b) Global Deposit of the Bank increased to Rs. 1106332 Crore as on March’21 from Rs. 1071569 Crore in March’20 with a Y-o-Y growth of 3.24 %.
c) Global Credit stood at Rs. 739407 Crore as on March’21 against Rs. 762721 Crore in March’20.
d) Domestic CASA Share improved by 347 bps on Y-o-Y basis to 45.5 % in March’21. CASA
e) Deposits grew by 11.24 % on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 492782 Crore in March’21.
f) Savings Deposit grew by 12.0 % on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 417236 Crore as on March’21.
g) Retail Term Deposit grew by 19.5 % on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 505975 Crore as on March’21.
h) Core Retail Loans grew by 9.5 % on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 113047 Crore as on March’21.
i) MSME loan grew by 7.46 % on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 126098 Crore in March’21.
j) CRAR improved to 14.32% in March’21 from 12.32 % as on 1st April 2020.
k) Operating Profit grew by 28.4 % on Y-o-Y basis to Rs. 22980 Crore in FY’21.
l) Net Interest Income grew by 17.0 % on Y-o-Y basis to Rs 30477. Crore in FY’21.
m) Global NIM improved by 32 bps to 2.88 % in FY21 from 2.56 % in FY20.
n) Cost to Income Ratio improved Y-o-Y to 46.91 % in FY21 from 56.47 % in FY20.
o) PCR including TWO improved by 74 bps on Y-o-Y basis to 80.14 % in March’21 from 79.40 % as on March’20.
p) GNPA ratio stood at 14.12 % and NNPA ratio stood at 5.73% in March’21.

Business Performance in Key Parameters (as on 31.03.2021)

a) Domestic Deposits is at Rs. 1083335 Crore as at the end of March’21 as against Rs. 1054216 Crore in March’20 with YoY growth of 2.76%.
b) Domestic Advances stood at Rs. 719138 Crore as at the end of March’21 as against Rs. 741952 Crore in March’20.
c) Domestic Business stood at Rs. 1802473 Crore as at the end of March’21 as against Rs. 1796168 Crore in March’20.
d) CASA deposit (Current Account & Savings Account) stood at Rs. 492782 Crore in March’ 21 as compared Rs. 442971 Crore in March’ 20 with a YoY growth of 11.24%.
e) Current Deposit stood at Rs. 75546 Crore at the end of March’21 as against Rs. 70296 Crore in March’20 with YoY growth of 7.47%.
f) The Bank has achieved National Goals in Priority sector and agriculture credit at 41.34 % and 18.20 % of ANBC in March’ 2021, as against the National Goal of 40% and 18%, respectively.
g( Credit to Small and Marginal farmers stood at Rs. 57392 Crore in March’ 2021. National Goal achievement is 8.38 % of ANBC, exceeding the target of 8.0%.
h) Credit to Weaker Sections stood at Rs. 82086 Crore in March’ 2021. National Goal achievement is 11.36 % of ANBC, exceeding the target of 10%.
i) Credit to Micro Enterprises stood at Rs. 56136 Crore as on March’ 2021. The Bank has achieved National Goal at 7.98 % of ANBC as against the target of 7.5%.
j) Net Interest Income grew YoY by 1.9 % to Rs. 6938 Crore during Q4FY21 and by 17 % to Rs. 30477 Crore during FY’21.
k) Total Income stood at Rs. 22532 Crore during Q4 FY21 and at Rs. 93562 Crore during FY’21.
l) Total Expenditure declined by 27.5 % to Rs. 16897 Crore during Q4 FY’21 and by 11.6 % to Rs. 70582 Crore during FY’21.
m) Gross Non Performing Assets (GNPA) stood at Rs. 104423 Crore as on March’21 as against Rs. 105165 Crore in March’ 2020. n) Net Non Performing Assets (NNPA) stood at Rs. 38576 as on March’ 2021 as against Rs. 38320 Crore in March’20.
n) Provision Coverage Ratio (PCR) excluding TWO stood at 63.06 % in March’ 2021 against 63.56 % in March’ 2020.
o) CRAR as on 31st March’ 21 improved to 14.32% from 12.33% as on 1st April 2020. Out of which Tier-I is 11.50 % and Tier-II CRAR is 2.82 % in March’ 21.

Initiatives in View of COVID-19 Pandemic
a) Internet Banking Services users increased to 256 Lakhs in March’ 21 from 221 Lakhs March’ 20.
b) PNB One(MBS) users increased to 200 Lakhs in March’ 21, from 167 lakhs last year.
c) UPI transactions increased by 123.2 % on YoY basis to 13233 Lakh.
d) NACH transactions increased YoY by 49.2 % to 478 Lakh.
e) Amount mobilized under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana stood as below:
Particulars As on 31.03.2021 Accounts opened under PMJDY (No. in Lakh) 395

Amount mobilized (Average Balance – Amt in Rs.) 4027
a) Enrollment under PMJJBY, PMSBY & APY:- (No. In Lacs)
c) Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana 21.0 25.0
d) Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana 106.0 118.0
e) Atal Pension Yojana 11.4 14.5
f) PNB Lens : Technology Driven Credit Underwriting/Delivery & Monitoring Structure to improve Efficiency & TAT
g) Integration of all Branches of eOBC and eUNI with PNB and CBS upgradation from Finacle 7 to Finacle 10 completed in record time.
h) Integration of all major applications/systems and networking successfully completed.
i) Synergies realised in areas such as IT, ATM/Branch Rationalization, etc.
j) Verticalized Credit Delivery Model: Large Corporate Branches (Loans above Rs. 50 Crore), Mid Corporate Centres (Loans upto Rs. 50 Crore) PNB Loan Points (RAM Loans upto Rs. 1 Crore).
k) Risk Management Cells set up at 24 Zonal Offices to look after Risk Assessment Functions
l) SASTRA Vertical: Specialised Vertical for focussed Recovery and Resolution in NPA Accounts at all offices across the field.
m) To further focus on Institutional, Corporate and Government Segment, Specialised Centres have been set up to garner deposits.
n) As on 31st March’ 21, the Bank has 10769 number of branches (including extension counter). Rural: 3901, Semi-Urban: 2680, Urban: 2257 & Metro: 1931, and 13781
number of ATMs.
o) Bank has contributed Rs. 3.94 Crore to PM Cares fund.
p) Bank has also contributed Rs. 2.79 Crore to Chief Ministers Relief Fund in 8 states.
q) Being a socially responsible organization, in view of the 2nd wave, Bank has contributed oxygen cylinders, concentrators, other life supporting medical equipments, Ambulances, etc towards relief support of Organizations.

New Initiatives Undertaken for Customer’s Convenience Awards & Accolades Social Media Presence of the Bank: (No. of Followers)
Note: Oriental Bank of Commerce & United Bank of India have been amalgamated with Punjab National Bank w.e.f 01.04.2020. Accordingly financials as on March 2020 are combined figures of three banks. The combined financials have been arrived by aggregation of numbers.

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