Promotion Of 1990 Batch IAS Officers In UP

10 IAS officers to be elevated to ACS rank

After a long wait of 3 years, 1990 batch IAS officers of Uttar Pradesh have finally got the gift of promotion. The 1990 batch IAS will now be given the post of Additional Chief Secretary.

Earlier, the promotion of 1989 batch IAS was done in June 2020, but since then there was a hindrance in the promotion of 1990.

The names of the 10 IAS of 1990 batch, who will now become ACS, are given below for the benefit of the viewers of

  1. Nitin Ramesh Gokarn
  2. Anita Singh
  3. Himanshu Kumar
  4. Kalpana Awasthi
  5. Rajneesh Gupta
  6. Jitendra Kumar
  7. Deepak Kumar
  8. Sudhir Bovde
  9. Archana Agarwal
  10. Sudhir Garg

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