Release DA Before July 15 To CG Employees And Pensioners, Demands Staff Side Of NC JCM

Yesterday after more than 2 years gap the Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gaube convened the meeting of the National Council JCM for Central Government Employees on 26/6/21.While Shiva Gopal Mishra, M.Raghaviah, C.Srikumar, Bhosle, Guman Singh and Parashar, JCM Members, physically attended the meeting, others attended it virtually.

Three  major issues dominated the entire meeting .Govt decision on Corporatisation of 41 Ordnance Factories ,Releasing of DA/ DR from 1/1/20 to all the Central Govt Employees and Pensioners, and Covid 19 related issues. The employees representatives argued that DA is given to compensate the price rise and the erosion in the wages.The employees and the pensioners have already sacrificed Rs 40,000 crores in the last 18 months. Now there is no justification in denying them  the DA/ DR. Govt as an economy measure can withold the DA during a crisis but cannot freeze it permanently.

Supreme Court also has upheld this position .The employees representatives insisted that they are entitled for DA/DR from 1/1/20 with arrears, mode of payment they are ready to discuss .After discussions the Cabinet Secretary said that the govt is sensitive towards the employees and hence  as on now the Cabinet decision is to restore the DA from July 21.However the matter has to again go to the Cabinet for approval.

After the JCM meeting one fake order with the signature of Finance Secretary started roaming in Social media that Govt has decided to release DA in 3 instalments. In no time Finance Ministry clarified that this is a fake order and Govt has not taken any decision  on this thereby settling the dust . contacted C.Srikumar GS AIDEF who attended the JCM meeting Yesterday and asked what the Trade Unions will do if govt is not going to release DA/DR during July 21. His reaction was that they have already placed their effective arguments for releasing of DA& DR with retrospective date 1/1/20 with arrears .Govt cannot freeze the DA permanently ,they have to restore the DA with arrears otherwise it will amount to illegal recovery. The NJCA of Central Govt Employees have already taken a decision that if the Government doesn’t take a decision to release the frozen DA/ DR before 15 th July 21, then there will be Nationwide agitation of Central Government Employees for which they are already preparing .Govt should be sensitive towards the employees who are already working in odd situation in this pandemic in  Railways,Defence, postal and other CG establishments and Offices.

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