Release Of The 1st Edition Of NMDC’s Vigilance Magazine – Subodh

The magazine will be released every quarter

To reinforce the NMDC’s commitment to fostering honesty and transparency among all stakeholders, NMDC vigilance department, released the first edition of its in-house vigilance magazine “Subodh” on Wednesday at the Head Office in Hyderabad.

Shri Sumit Deb CMD, NMDC, released the magazine in the presence of Director (Finance) Shri Amitava Mukherjee, Director (Production) Shri Dilip Kumar Mohanty; CVO, Shri. B Vishwanath and Head of Departments.

Speaking on this occasion, Shri Sumit Deb, CMD, NMDC said that he whole heartedly believes that an organization must create a climate where preventive measures override punitive ones and this magazine is a welcome step in this direction. The CMD encouraged employees and their family members to provide articles to be published in the Magazine. The magazine will be released every quarter.

Shri. B Vishwanath, Chief Vigilance Officer, NMDC stated that through this magazine, NMDC Vigilance strive to stress on the importance of the monitoring system and the prevalence of the noteworthy practices in the organization. He further reiterated commitment to encourage the preventive and participative vigilance in the organization.

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