SAIL Employees Wage Revision – Deadlock Remains As Meeting Fails To Reach Consensus

SAIL employees to stage demonstration to protest against delay in wage settlement on October 8

No agreement could be reached on the issue of wage revision between the top management Steel Authority of India Limited by the end of two-day meeting on this issue. However, the issue of bonus was settled as SAIL management decided to pay a bonus of Rs 21,000 per employees while trainees would be paid a bonus of Rs 19,000. This amount will reach the employees’ account by October 9. Last year, SAIL employees received a bonus of Rs 16,500. Taking in account huge profits to the PSU this time, workers were demanding bonus of at least Rs. 50,000 this time.

Employees of SAIL have planned to stage demonstration to protest on October 8, regarding the delay in wage settlement.

No consensus could be reached in the meeting of the NJCS Core Group regarding the salary settlement of SAIL employees, which is now pending for 57 months. Deadlock also remains on hike in perks of SAIL employees. While Unions stick to their demand of 30 per cent variable perks, SAIL management is suggesting a different formula regarding this. In the meeting of the core group, citing the rising price of coal, SAIL management has expressed apprehensions that many units of the SAIL may go into losses in November.

BMS, CITU, HMS and AITUC have also raised the issue of transfer of employees and demanded cancellation of all transfer orders. On the issue of pension, SAIL management has clearly said that if there is ceiling on gratuity, then everyone will get 9% contribution. In response to this, unions proposed that this should be made optional. SAIL management has told the unions that it would actively consider this proposal.

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