Scrap Agnipath Scheme In National Interests, Says CITU

Statement comes in as protests break out in different parts of the country

The Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) expressed serious concern and shock over the latest disastrous design of the BJP government of recruitment in armed forces of the country on fixed term contract that too without any provisions of pension.

The entire scheme is named as “Agnipath” which dares to introduce the same process of casualisation/contractorisation in the recruitment already being aggressively patronised by the neoliberal Govt in the employment in industries and services in general, also in country’s armed forces, unconcerned about the dangerous consequences.

This exposes the hypocrisy of the Modi government’s concern for ‘our jawans’, which it has been evoking to promote its pseudo nationalism and fake patriotism such a retrograde move is going to severely compromise as well as negatively affect the quality of employment and efficiency or our armed forces, militating against the country’s security as a whole and also the quality of employment, determination-and professionalism, much to the detriment of our national interests.

Further, the young soldiers so trained as per armed forces’ standard and deployed under Agnipath scheme -will be terminated after four years and thrown into an uncertain future, creating serious hazardous implications for the society as a whole under present brand of authoritarian and divisive governance.

CITU condemns such retrograde design of so called “Agnipath” militating agains-t the national interests and welcomes the spontaneous protests surging against the same in different parts of the country. CITU demands upon the Govt to withdraw forthwith from such disastrous experiments with country’s armed forces and calls upon the patriotic people to raise their voice of ‘protests and disapproval against such anti-national design throughout the country.

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