Secretary, Ministry Of Power, Visits NTPC North Karanpura Project

He was accompanied by Piyush Singh, Joint Secretary (Thermal), NTPC Ltd

In a significant development, Shri Pankaj Agarwal, Secretary to the Government of India Ministry of Power, accompanied by Shri Piyush Singh, Joint Secretary (Thermal) of NTPC Ltd., recently visited the NTPC North Karanpura project. The visit aimed to assess the progress of the project and explore opportunities to further enhance the nation’s energy infrastructure.

NTPC North Karanpura, one of the flagship projects under the NTPC umbrella, has been garnering attention for its innovative approach to power generation and commitment to environmental sustainability. The project is situated in the picturesque landscape of Karanpura and is set to play a pivotal role in meeting the growing energy demands of the nation.

During the visit, Shri Ujjwal Kanti Bhattacharya, Director (Projects) of NTPC Ltd., and Shri Shivam Srivastava, Director (Fuel) of NTPC Ltd., showcased the various aspects of the project to the esteemed guests. They highlighted the advanced technologies being employed to ensure efficient power generation while adhering to the highest environmental standards.

Shri Pankaj Agarwal, Secretary to the Government of India Ministry of Power, expressed his satisfaction with the progress made at NTPC North Karanpura. He emphasised the importance of such projects in realising the country’s energy goals and commended NTPC Ltd. for its commitment to excellence.

The visit concluded on a positive note, with all executives expressing optimism about the future of NTPC North Karanpura and its potential to make a substantial impact on India’s power generation landscape.

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