South Eastern Coalfields Limited To Use “Miyawaki” Plantation Method To Enhance Green Cover

With Rs.4 crore Investment Pilot Project to be Implemented in SECL Gevra Area

In a bid to boost forest cover in the coal belt region of Chhattisgarh, Coal India Ltd subsidiary, South Eastern Coalfileds Ltd (SECL) will undertake plantation using the Miyawaki method for the first time in its operational areas. The company will use the popular Japanese technique in SECL’s Gevra Area, to develop Miyawaki forest in two hectares as a pilot project. The project will be implemented in partnership with Chhattisgarh Rajya Van Vikas Nigam (CGRVVN) at an estimated cost of about Rs 4 crores.

The plantation using the Miyawaki technique will be carried out over a period of two years in which about 20,000 saplings will be planted. The plantation will include big plants such as Bargad, Peepal, Aam, Jamun etc, medium plants such as Karanj, Amla, Ashok etc, and small plants such as Kaner, Gudhal, Trikoma, Ber, Anjeer, Nimbu etc.

The Miyawaki method of plantation was pioneered in the 70s by Japanese botanist and expert in plant ecology Mr. Akira Miyawaki. This technique of plantation involves planting native trees, shrubs and groundcover plants within every square metre. This method is ideal for small parcels of land and creates dense canopy layer of tall trees.

The species chosen for Miyawaki plantation is typically of plants which do not require a lot of maintenance and can survive harsh weather and water-scarce conditions and grow rapidly in existing conditions yielding thick pockets of green cover.

Green cover to benefit local communities and wildlife

The pilot project of Miyawaki plantation in SECL will help in increasing the green cover in and around the Gevra mine, the largest coal mine of the country, in a shorter span of time. The indigenous species of fruit bearing, avenue and ornamental trees would help the local communities and wildlife. The forest developed under the project would also play a key role in absorbing the dust particles and regulating surface temperature.

SECL to invest Rs. 169 crores on plantation in CG and MP over the next four years

Besides being one of the leading coal producing companies in India, SECL is equally committed to boosting green cover and preserving the natural ecosystems in an around its coal mines and mitigate the impact mining.

Since its inception, SECL has planted more than three crore saplings and in FY 2023-24 the company has brought 475 hectares of land under green cover and planted 10.77 lakh saplings, which is the highest among all Coal India subsidiaries.

The company had recently signed an MoU with Chhattisgarh Rajya Van Vikas Nigam (CGRVVN) and Madhya Pradesh Rajya Van Vikas Nigam (MPRVVN) for carrying out plantation for a period of five years from 2023-24 to 2027-28 with its subsequent maintenance of four years for each consecutive year of plantation at an estimated cost of Rs 169 crores.

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