Stampede Like Situation At SAIL’s Bokaro Steel Plant Over Methane Gas Leak Report

21 workers admitted to hospital after complaint of irritation in the eyes : Administration on high alert mode

There was a massive chaos due news of gas leak in the steel plant of Bokaro today. As soon as the employees and officers received information about the gas leak, they all ran out of the plant.

Sources say that maintenance work was going on in the mixed gas pipeline since morning, which supplies gas to the re-heating furnace of the hot strip mill, as per the already fixed program. The pipeline was closed and there was no gas in it.

Under maintenance, a compensator also had to be changed, for which cutting and welding work was being done in the pipeline. Due to the spark emanating from welding, naphtha, sulfur and other inflammable materials stored inside the pipeline caught fire and smoke started coming out from it. This smoke spread to the hot strip mill through the pipeline. Due to this there was chaos. Dozens of contract laborers and workers came out through the main gate, CZ gate and other gates of the plant.

On the other hand, BSL management has said that there has been no leakage of any gas from the pipeline. There is no need to panic and the fire has been extinguished. Senior officials are present at the site. 21 workers were admitted to hospital after complaint of irritation in the eyes.

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