Stop Harassment Of Defence Civilian Employees Of Ordnance Factories : AIDEF & BPMS Appeal To Raksha Mantri

Meanwhile, DDP asks Labour Ministry to take over the Ordnance Factory Hospitals and hand them over to ESIC

After the Government decision to convert the 41 Ordnance Factories in to 7 Corporations, the DDP is acting in a hasty manner by issuing one or other instructions which are being opposed by the work force as whimsical, illogical, illegal, unilateral and unjustified. The 7 Corporations have been registered under the Companies Act and the CMDs and Directors of the new Corporations are also appointed. The IOFS Officers association have already protested against the selection procedure and have pointed out many ambiguities in the selection procedure. They are also planning to challenge the selection of CMDs and Directors in the Court of Law. The employees federations have also decided to have a legal battle with the government since according to them the entire process of passing EDSA 2021 and Corporatisation of Ordnance Factories is totally illegal.

The AIDEF, BPMS and CDRA have already protested against the verbal instruction given by the Joint Secretary of DDP to propose for abolition of the posts which are lying vacant for more than two years. According to employees federations, this will have serious impact on their career progression. They have already demanded to withdraw this decision. Adding salt to wound, the Joint Secretary of the Department of Defence Production have issued a letter on 27.07.2021 to the Labour Secretary to take over the Ordnance Factory Hospitals / Dispensaries by the ESIC along with the employees and Doctors of these Hospitals. The EISC has also constituted a committee for finalising the modalities for takeover of the Ordnance Factory Hospitals.

In a strongly worded letter, the AIDEF and BPMS have protested against this unilateral decision of the DDP and they have questioned Rajnath Singh that how he is approving such type of anti-labour activities / decision of the DDP, which are against the interest of the employees of Ordnance Factories. accessed a copy of the joint letter dated 18.08.2021 addressed to Rajnath Singh the Defence Minister. The contents of the letter of AIDEF and BPMS are given here for the benefit of our viewers :-


Ref. No. /AIDEF/BPMS/ 21 Date : 19.08.2021

Shri. Rajnath Singh ji,
Honorable Defence Minister
Government of India.
South Block.
New Delhi.


Sub : Continuing harassment and attack against the employees of Ordnance Factories in the name of Corporatisation.

Ref : 1. Joint letter of AIDEF & BPMS No.115/AIDEF/BPMS/21 dt. 17-08-2021 addressed to the Honorable RM on the subject of protest against handing over of the Ordnance Factories hospitals to ESIC.

  1. DDP ID No. 1(5)/2019/OFB/DP(Plg-V)dt. 27 th July 2021.

The Federations vide letter referred above have registered our protest against the decision taken by the ESIC constituting a committee for taking over of the Ordnance Factory Hospitals and dispensaries. It is now understood that the ESIC has taken its decision based on the above mentioned letter issued by the JS (LS) of DDP to the Secretary to Ministry of Labour and Employment. The DDP has started behaving in a inhuman manner against its own employees after imposing the EDSA 2021 . Series of letters are being issued from DDP against the interest of the employees and withdrawing the existing benefits and facilities available to the employees of Ordnance Factories in the name of Corporatisation.

As already mentioned in our letter referred at 1 above the Defence civilian employees of Ordnance Factories are Central Government employees and are eligible for free medical treatment under the OFMR and CS(MA) Rules 1944. The employees who are residing within 8 kilometers are compulsorily covered under OFMR and employees residing beyond 8 kilometers are having the option either to choose OFMR or CS(MA) Rules for their medical treatment. How this benefit can be taken away unilaterally by the DDP by asking the Labour Ministry taking over the Ordnance Factory Hospitals and dispensaries so as to run the same as an ESIC Hospital and also to en-mass transfer all the hospital employees, paramedical staff and doctors to the ESIC. It is totally unfair, anti labour, illegal and an unjustified action on the part of the DDP. We fail to understand that how the honorable RM is approving all these anti labour activities / decision of the DDP which are all against the interest of the employees of Ordnance Factories.

We once again request you to kindly intervene in the matter and arrange to cancel / withdraw all the anti-labour instructions being issued by the DDP against the interest of the employees in the recent past Including the letter referred at 2 above.

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