Talks Break Again As Four Bank Unions Refuse To Attend Meeting IBA On November 9th

Four Unions – AIBOC, AIBOA, INBOC and NOBO have refused to participate in the meeting convened by the IBA in Mumbai on November 9. They say that issues, apart from pay revision, which include five-day week work, increase of pension and leave rule changes, should also be on the agenda of the meeting and if these issues are left unattended, the meeting does not mean much to them. publishes below the content of the letter sent by the four unions to the IBA for the benefit of its viewers

“We are in receipt of your above referred letter address. to Convenor, UFBU a copy of which has been endorsed to each of our affiliates. We also have taken note of the contents.
In this context, we wish to inform the following:

a. On 17. October, 2020, without citing any cogent reason, our meeting with IBA to crystallise our issues was aborted and the possible signing of the 8. Joint Note on Sunday, the 18″ October was deferred. Though it was categorically assured by IBA that the talks with the officers’ organisations would continue on a day-to-day basis till the logical conclusion with the signing of the 8. Joint Note for officers’ wage revision.

b. You are aware that our four organisations had represented several vital non-financial issues on 24. August, 2020 viz. Introduction of 5 day week, Updation of Pension, Leave rule changes etc., which are yet to be addressed and resolved.

c. There are also pertinent issues listed as non-financial issues for which discussion was held on 15″ October, 2020, and minutes were to be drawn up and completed. The same is yet to be finalised.

d. Further, vide our communique dated 03/1112020, some glaring anomalies/aberrations have been pointed out, which need to be resolved forthwith.

In the backdrop of what has been staled in the foregoing, we express our inability to attend the meeting scheduled on B. November’. to discuss issues common to all constituents. We, however, are prepared to attend any meeting convened by IBA to discuss the unresolved issues exclusively with the representatives of the four officers’ organisations and to resolve the issues to arrive at a logical conclusion to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.”

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