Think A Thousand Times Before Converting Ordnance Factories Into Corporation – AIDEF, INDWF & BPMS appeal To PM Modi

The Indian Ordnance Factories are completing 219 years and entering into its 220 th birthday on 18-3-2021. On the same day 220 years before the first Ordnance Factory, Gun and Shell Factory, Cossipore near Kolkata was established. Today, there are 41 Ordnance Factories manufacturing more than 650 Defence equipments. However the Government policy of privatisation,
outsourcing etc., has become a major challenge to the Ordnance Factories and the Armed Forces have stopped giving workload to the Ordnance Factories on nomination basis. Now the Ordnance
Factories have to compete with private sector through tendering process.

The Government has now decided to corporatize the Ordnance Factories and then to privatise the same. The three federations of the Defence Civilian Employees are already in a war path and logger heads with the Modi Government demanding that the Government should not violate the past assurances and should not destroy the 220 years old Ordnance Factories. As a next step of
their agitation on 18-3-2021, when the Ordnance Factories celebrate its 220th birthday they have decided to observe 18-03-21 as SAVE ORDNANCE FACTORIES DAY and they have decided that all the Unions and Associations of Ordnance Factories will send an email to the Prime Minister and Defence Minister appealing them to think thousand times before approving the notification for
Corporatizing the Ordnance Factories in the interest of Nation.

A joint letter dated 16-3-2021 addressed to the Prime Minister by the three Federations was accessed by and the content of the letter is given below for the benefit of our viewers.


The Honourable Prime Minister,
Government of India,
South Block,
New Delhi.

Respected Sir,

Sub : Employees of Ordnance Factories to observe “ SAVE ORDNANCE FACTORIES DAY” on the eve of 220 th Ordnance Factory day celebrations on 18-3-2021.

Your honour is aware that almost 80,000 strong Defence Civilian Employees and their Trade Unions/Federations are repeatedly representing to your honour and the Ministry of Defence to reconsider the decision taken by the Government to convert the 220 year-old Indian Ordnance Factories into a Corporation/multiple Corporations and thereafter to privatise the same. On the 18th of this month the Indian Ordnance Factories are celebrating its 220 th birthday. The contribution of the Ordnance Factories during the wartime and piece time is commendable. Converting the Ordnance Factories into a Corporation/PSU is not in the interest of the Nation, since a Corporation/PSU cannot survive as a war reserve to meet any emergent situation.

Therefore on the 220 th Ordnance Factory day we fervently appeal to your honour, to think thousand times before issuing the notification on Corporatization of Ordnance Factories. The 80,000 committed and devoted workforce of the Ordnance Factories are expecting a favourable decision from your honour.

It has been decided by the recognized Federations of the Defence civilian Employees to observe 18-03-21 as “SAVE ORDNANCE FACTORIES DAY”. On this day all the Trade Unions and Associations will be posting an appeal letter through e-mail to your honour appealing to think thousand times before issuing the notification on Corporatization of Ordnance Factories. This is for your kind information and favourable action please.

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