This Is How Barua River Of Bundelkhand In Uttar Pradesh Was Restored Back To Life

The 13 km long Barua River originates from the Karenga River and joins the Jamini River

By Dr. Utkarsh Sinha

Courtesy : Jubilee Post

Bundelkhand, battling with the problem of water, has got a new messiah in the form of water friends. The Jal Sahelis of Bundelkhand have done many excellent works of water conservation in their villages in the past, but reviving the Barua river of Lalitpur district after a long phased effort is nothing short of a miracle.

On June 3, when Ajay Shankar, the Divisional Commissioner of Jhansi Division, performed the aarti of the Barua river, the river was filled with water. Seeing the water in the river, it was difficult to even imagine that just some time ago this river had ceased to exist and its flow area had become completely dry.

Sanjay Singh, who was called Bhagirath of Bundelkhand, took the initiative to revive the Barua river a few years ago. For the last 25 years, the charity organization, which has become a worldwide identity, has been involved in the campaign to bring water to the dry areas of Bundelkhand.

The 13 km long Barua River originates from the Karenga River and joins the Jamini River. Due to illegal mining on the river, this river is not able to keep its existence alive, but through the tireless efforts of Parmarth, the local administration also became an ally in this resolution and then the joint efforts of everyone gave it a revival.

For the revival of the 13 km long Barua river, the local administration along with Parmarth got the work done through MGNREGA from 2020 and for this an estimate of 27.75 lakhs has been prepared.

After two years of efforts, water finally started coming in the 800 meter long and 1.5 meter deep river, about 1500 plantation work has been done around the river.

Jal Saheli Imarti told that earlier her village used to have muddy water, then with the help of other women of the village, she dug a well in the village itself, due to which today water is available in that village for 12 months. Also they have 2 check dams in the village. has also been constructed.

On June 3, Environment Conference and Barua River Rejuvenation Ceremony were organized in Avini village on the banks of river Barua, in which Divisional Commissioner Jhansi Division Ajay Shankar Pandey was present as the chief guest. The program started with Bundeli folk cultural program with lamp lighting. After this the Barua river was inaugurated with river aarti.

Sanjay Singh said that Bundelkhand Water Conservation Committee has been formed under the aegis of the Divisional Commissioner, and due to his tireless efforts, rejuvenation of rivers and water structures have been created in Bundelkhand.

Nagar Panchayat President Talbehat Mr. Mati Mukta Soni told that the common man has more duty than the one who helps to save water, it is the duty of the common man to discharge his duties by conserving the water. We have to do everything possible so that water can be conserved.

Speaking about the importance of water in the river’s revival program, Ajay Shankar Pandey said that water is a matter of concern not only for Bundelkhand but for the whole world, there is no one in the country as much as Bundelkhand has gone through the problem of water, we are here for The plans are proceeding scientifically. All the departments related to water conservation are constantly trying to save water.

Ajay Shankar said that now Barua drain should be given the form of a river, it is not a drain but a river, as well as directed the Chief Development Officer, Lalitpur that river water conservation committees have been formed in all the villages through which this river passes. Go and the Gram Panchayat in which the water of this river will be made uninterrupted will have to be given monetary punishment and the village in which it is saved will be honored.

Talking about mining, he said that if there is a single incident of mining on this river, he will take strict action against the police administration.

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