Tourism Schemes Should Become Means Of Employment And Self-Employment : Uttarakhand CM Dhami

Major valleys of the state should also be branded from the point of view of tourism, said the Chief Minister

The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Shri Pushkar Singh Dhami, has emphasized the importance of promoting tourism in the state as a means of employment and self-employment. The aim is to increase employment opportunities and resources by encouraging tourism activities and publicizing the new tourism policy. The Chief Minister has instructed officials to assess the utilization of existing tourism schemes and propose adjustments such as increasing loan amounts or subsidies if needed.

To ensure that eligible individuals and families benefit from government schemes, the Chief Minister has called for the development of a system that tracks scheme beneficiaries. The government will use various communication and publicity mediums to inform needy individuals about public welfare schemes. The promotion of home stays in the state has been highlighted as a way to boost the local economy, and the Chief Minister has urged people’s representatives and officers to stay at home stays during their visits to districts to encourage their growth. Training programs for home stay operators have also been recommended.

The Chief Minister has directed officials to plan and implement the roadmap for the next 10 years, ensuring that works and schemes targeted for completion by 2025 begin on the ground immediately. The overall development of the state requires coordinated efforts and fast-paced progress in all departments.

To enhance tourism, the Chief Minister has called for a joint meeting between the Tourism Department and the Public Works Department to improve road connectivity. The promotion of tourism activities in identified Vibrant Villages and the establishment of helipads near tourist attractions have been emphasized. Additionally, the Chief Minister has instructed officials to expedite work on the Manaskhand temple project, 16 identified temples, and the development of mythological caves at various tourist and religious sites. Major valleys in the state are also to be branded for tourism, with an action plan for each district to recognize the significance of valleys and natural products.

The Tourism Minister, Shri Satal Maharaj, has highlighted the potential for activities like trekking, paragliding, and rafting in the state. Local products are being promoted at religious and tourist sites, and efforts are being made to promote spiritual and adventure tourism. The One District, One Destination initiative is also progressing rapidly.

During the review of the roadmap prepared by the Health Department, the Chief Minister stressed the need to reduce the maternal mortality rate and coordinate efforts among all departments. The government’s mission should be widely publicized, and online registration and the promotion of the E-Sanjeevani app for remote consultations with doctors should be prioritized. The Chief Minister has set a target to make Uttarakhand drug-free by 2025 and will review the efforts of all departments in this regard. Furthermore, an IT cell will be established in the Health Directorate to improve healthcare facilities.

The meeting was attended by Additional Chief Secretary Mrs. Radha Raturi, Secretary Mr. R.K. Meenakshi Sundaram, Mr. Dipendra Chowdhary, Secretary Program Implementation Mr. Deepak Gairola, Additional Secretary Mr. C. Ravi Shankar, Mr. Manoj Pant, Director General Health Dr. Vitita Shah, and Principal Doon Medical College Dr. Ashutosh Sayana.

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