Tourists Coming To Holy Land Of Lord Bholenath Should Come As True Devotees – Uttarakhand Chief Minister

Tourism based on 100% homestay should be developed in Adikailash area, said CM Pushkar Singh Dhami

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami gave the message of yoga to the country and the world by doing yoga in the yoga program organized in Adikailash. Expressing his views on the importance of yoga, he said that yoga has the power to make human life happy. Yoga is a confluence of body, mind and soul. The Chief Minister called upon the tourists and devotees in the Adikailash area that the tourists coming to this holy land of Lord Bholenath should come as devotees. This will give them a feeling of spiritual peace.

The Chief Minister said that with the arrival of a large number of tourists and devotees in this area, the local people will get means of employment and self-employment. Promoting local food will also promote local products. Woolen carpet industry has also been the basis of the economy here, efforts should be made to promote it. He emphasized on developing 100% homestay based tourism while keeping in mind the local architecture in the construction of buildings to be built in urbanization in this area.

The Chief Minister asked to pay attention to standardization of transport facilities in the area and simplification of the process of issuing inner line permit. Sensitivity and transparency will have to be taken care of in this direction, this will facilitate the people coming here. He said that people coming from the country and the world to this area should not have to face any problem through middlemen and he also told the need to pay attention to this that there should not be any kind of unrest in this sensitive border area.

The Chief Minister said that at present the environment is getting polluted along with the drying up of natural water sources. In this direction, an action plan has been made to revive traditional streams, springs, ghats. Everyone will have to cooperate in this. He said that Uttarakhand can make its mark as an ideal state and give direction to the country in the conservation and enhancement of water and forest, we all have to contribute in this too. The Chief Minister also appealed to everyone to plant as many trees as possible for environmental protection.

Chief Minister Shri Dhami said that in the coming time, Gunji will be made Shivdham through a master plan in which suggestions of local people will also be taken. The people of Gunji, Nabi, Kuti, Nauti, Bundi will be connected to the mainstream of development, for which the Central and State Governments are making efforts.

On this occasion, the Chief Minister reached the Shiva temple near Parvati Sarovar and prayed for the happiness, prosperity and well-being of Uttarakhand by worshiping in the temple according to the customs of the Kuti community.

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