Trade Unions Protest Against Government Order To Ban NPS Agitation

AITUC, CITU and AIDEF have issued statements denouncing this government move

The 40 lakh Central Government Employees including Paramilitary Forces, State Government Employees and Teachers are in loggerheads with the Government on the issue of the Contributory pension scheme the NPS. Since Modi Government and the BJP-ruled State Governments have not yielded to the demand of the Unions, initiative was taken by the NJCA of Central Government Employees to forge an unity of the Central Government Employees and State Government Employees.

Accordingly, a Joint Forum to Scrap NPS and restore Old Pension Scheme was (JFROPS) was formed. Under the banner of JFROPS a National Convention was held at New Delhi on the 21st of January and a declaration was adopted to fight till NPS is withdrawn. Unit level, District Level,and State Level Rallies were decided and in many states Railway, Defence, Postal and State Govt Employees have already started their demonstration and Rallies etc.

Following this, the Personnel Department of the Government of India, has issued a circular on the 20th March, 2023, banning the participation of government employees Rallies, Mass Casual Leave, and Strike etc.

This has created dissatisfaction and discontentment amongst the government employees. The major Central Trade Unions – AITUC & CITU have issued statements denouncing and condemning the Modi Government’s anti-employee attitude. They stated that the Government is behaving in an authoritarian manner and demanded the Circular dated 20th March, be withdrawn.

The AIDEF also issued a statement in which the AIDEF criticized that the government cannot be insensitive and cannot show its apathy towards the employees.The AIDEF demanded since its now proved that NPS is hopeless and no guaranteed Pension etc, the same should be withdrawn and that the guaranteed OPS should be restored back. The Trade Unions are bent upon to fight back and the coming days will witness confrontation and conflict between Government and its Employees.

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