UFBU Defers Call For Bank Strike On June 27

IBA agrees to commence negotiations on 5 Day Banking, Pension Updation and other pending issues

United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) has decided to defer its strike call on June 27 as IBA has agreed to 5 Day Banking, Pension Updation and other pending issues, with the umbrella body of bank unions. The release from the UFBU is given below for the benefit of the viewers of www.indianpsu.com

Dear Comrades,

IBA relents – Agrees to commence negotiations On our residual issues including 5 Day Banking, Pension Updation and other pending issues – Our call for Strike on 27th June, deferred

Consequent to our Strike Notice served on IBA on our 5 point charter of demands, the Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India had called for a conciliation meeting/joint discussions between IBA and UFBU on 21-6-2022. Shri S.C. Joshi, CLC conducted the proceedings. Shri Kul Bhushan Nayyar, Dy. Secretary, Dept. of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India also participated in the meeting.

During that meeting we had informed the CLC that even though our wage revision settlement was signed 18 months ago in November, 2020 and even though IBA had agreed to continue the discussions on the residual issues which were duly minutised with Workman Unions on 10-12-2021 and with Officers Organisations on 4-12-2021, no serious effort was made by the IBA to resolve the issues through mutual discussions.

We had informed the CLC that if the IBA would make a commitment and come forward to commence meaningful negotiations with the UFBU on all our demands, UFBU would be inclined to reconsider our strike call.

From the IBA, no such commitment was forthcoming. Further, IBA also stated that the issue of updation is subjudice since a court case is going on before the Supreme Court and hence they were not in a position to discuss the issue with the UFBU. We clarified to CLC and IBA that UFBU has not filed any court case on this issue nor there is any stay from the Supreme Court to discuss with the UFBU. After deliberations, IBA agreed that they would hold discussions with the UFBU. However, IBA did not agree to fix up any date for the meeting.

Regarding wage revision in CSB Bank and DBS Bank (e-LVB), IBA stated that in the absence of mandate, they were not covered by the Settlement. Since there was no common meeting ground on our issues, we informed the CLC that UFBU would go ahead with the strike call. However, the CLC advised that one more round of conciliation meeting can be held on 23-6-2022 to explore the possibility of resolving the issues.

In this background, conciliation meeting was held today in CLC’s Office in New Delhi. Representatives of CSB Bank and DBS Bank were also present in today’s discussions. DBS Bank management informed that they are in discussion with the Unions to extend wage revision for the e-LVB employees and officers. CSB Bank management argued that since their business model has changed, the Board of Directors are not agreeable to extend wage revision on IBA pattern. CLC advised that efforts should be made to find an amicable solution to the problem through mutual discussions with the Unions.

From the IBA, it was informed by them, that in consultation with the higher authorities, IBA has decided to commence the negotiations on all our residual issues including 5 Days Banking, Updation and all other pending issues. IBA further informed that the negotiations would be held on 1st July, 2022 at IBA office in Mumbai and the letter inviting the UFBU for this meeting has already been sent to the Convener.

In view of IBA coming forward to commence the negotiations on our demands, after mutual consultations amongst the constituent unions, it was informed to the CLC and IBA that UFBU is agreeable to defer the strike. We further requested the CLC that the progress in the discussion should be monitored by them so that the negotiations become meaningful and time-bound to which the CLC agreed.

Comrades, accordingly we hereby inform all our unions and members that our agitational programmes including the proposed All India Strike on 27th June, 2022 stand deferred. We shall participate in the negotiations on 1-7-2022 and take all efforts to resolve our demands amicably.

We congratulate all our units and members for their enthusiastic participation in our agitational programmes which alone has paved the way for commencement of the negotiations. We shall keep our unions informed of further developments.

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