Unethical Corporate War makes a Business Group – Political Mole in Garb of Whistle Blower?

Business rivalry in India has hit a new low. The quest to get a big tender and retaliation against its rival in failing to get the tender, has resulted in the company top bosses landing in the lap of a political party which is in opposition in the country. Business ethics hitting its ever low in the country with a foreign company seeking the patronage of a political party to level scores with its rivals and hitting the ruling party below the belt. Welcome to the new age business practice in India.

Taking a cue, apparently from the past ‘Maggi’ corporate war between local giant Patanjali and world titan Nestle – CYANCONNODE, a UK-based company, headquartered in Gurgaon, on June 10, 2020, dashed off a letter to R.K. Singh, Minister of State for Power titled – requesting for his kind intervention on promoting “Make In India” and “Cyber Security Threat” from “Chinese Vendor” in Smart Metering during IEEMA video conference dated 09/06/2020.

The reference to the letter was as follows –
1. RECPDCL – JKPDD Tender no RECPDCL/TECH/JKPDD/e-Tender/2018-19/6355 DT 26-Feb2019 for Smart Metering Implementation in Jammu & Srinagar under PMDP fund of GOI.
2. RECPDCL work order No – RECPDCL/ JKPDD/ PMDP/ AMI/ 19-20/ 2684 dated 17/09/2019

CYANCONNODE had bid for a tender of installing smart electricity meters in Jammu Kashmir and did not get the job. The tender had been floated by Rural Electrification Corporation Power Distribution Company Limited (RECPDCL). The letter further said that the tender had been awarded to a “A Chinese government company named “Dongfeng Electric” through its Indian subsidiary is supplying the RF Mesh Communication for “Smart Meters (with remote connect/ disconnect)”.

The letter signed by the India CEO and Managing Director of CYANCONNODE, Anil Daulani, further allayed fears that “Allowing a Chinese Government Company to operate in sensitive and vital areas amounts to inviting danger. The 21st century is the age of Digital Warfare and the complete electricity grid and consumers can be controlled through smart meters, which has remote ON-OFF to create dark areas as needed by enemy in sensitive areas of J &K”

So far so good. But the most intriguing part of the corporate war was yet to come. Just after more than a month of writing to the Power Minister of the country, the letter reached the leaders of the Congress Party who happily addressed a press conference on the issue, thinking they had some fresh arsenal to fire a salvo or two at the Government of India.

The larger question is that should corporate rivalries and business wars between rival groups, be used as political fodder by them to arm one political party or to intend to harm some other political party, that too for their own vested interests.
a)    Can corporate honchos allow themselves to be used as political pawns?
b)    Are corporate top bosses confined to business or are acting as whistleblowers (with vested interests)
c)    Is this practice of taking their agenda to rival political parties good for the business atmosphere of the country?

There are many other unanswered questions in this curious case. Meanwhile, when www.indianpsu.com contacted the India CEO and Managing Director of CYANCONNODE, Anil Daulani, he replied “What Bull sh.. , ***####…..


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