Universal Vulkaan Aviation Orders 16 Leonardo Helicopters For India

Makes available total of 30 units from types AW109 Trekker, AW 119, AW139, AW169, and AW09

Universal Vulkaan Aviation Pte. Limited (UVA), the India distributor for Leonardo Helicopters, has placed a substantial order for 16 new helicopters to serve the Indian civil aviation market. This new acquisition includes models from the AW109 Trekker, AW139, AW169, and the newly introduced AW09 series. This recent order follows UVA’s pre-sales contract for 5 AW09 units signed in January 2024.

Expanding Fleet and Capabilities:
With this new order, UVA’s inventory will consist of 30 helicopters, including 14 pre-owned models already purchased by the Vulkaan Group, comprising AW119Kx and AW109
Trekker helicopters. The newly ordered helicopters will include:

  • AW109 Trekker: Renowned for VIP and corporate transport, featuring a spacious cabin, skid landing gear, and a state-of-the-art glass cockpit.
  • AW139: A versatile helicopter capable of multiple missions, known for its large cabin, high performance, and advanced safety features.
  • AW169: Preferred for offshore transport and wind farm support, it offers a comfortable, quiet cabin with excellent soundproofing and anti-vibration systems.
  • AW09: A next-generation, high-performance single-engine helicopter designed for various missions, providing twin-engine capabilities at single-engine costs.

Strategic Importance:

Harinder “Billa” Commar of Universal Vulkaan Aviation emphasized the significance of this partnership with Leonardo Helicopters for the Indian civil aviation sector. The addition of these advanced models is expected to set new standards in the industry, enhancing the market’s capability to meet diverse aviation needs efficiently.

Leonardo’s Market Leadership:
Stefano Villanti, SVP Sales and Marketing at Leonardo Helicopters, highlighted the company’s dominant position in the twin-engine VIP/corporate helicopter market. Leonardo Helicopters continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation, safety, and sustainability, expanding its reach within the rapidly growing Indian market.

Key Features of Ordered Models:

  • AW109 Grand and SP: Popular for its utility and elegant design, accommodating up to six passengers in a bright, soundproofed cabin with crashworthy features.
  • AW139: Leading in its class with over 1400 units ordered globally, known for its multi-mission capabilities, and a spacious cabin that can carry up to 15 passengers.
  • AW169: Known for its comfort and style, it supports up to eight passengers and includes a dual zone air-conditioning system and a unique Cabin Management System.
  • AW09: Combining next-generation technology with a spacious cabin, it can carry up to eight passengers and is designed for quick reconfiguration for various missions.

Universal Vulkaan Aviation’s latest order underscores its commitment to enhancing India’s civil aviation infrastructure, offering state-of-the-art helicopters with advanced technology, safety, and performance features. This strategic move aligns with the evolving needs of the Indian market, ensuring quicker delivery times and setting new benchmarks in the aviation industry.

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