Eat, Sleep, Learn And Repeat On Blockchain – The ‘Sheldon’ of Blockchain Aka Deepak Srivastava

upGrad learner Deepak Srivastava on pursuing Blockchain and upskilling for career advancement.

Hailing from a humble family in Lucknow, Deepak Srivastava’s Life Long Learning journey started when his curiosity for new technologies like Blockchain, fueled him to pursue his passions. To break the daily monotony of working as an ETL developer in a senior consultant role, Deepak started seeking out online degrees that could help him acquire new skills.

With over eight years of work experience across diverse roles including Public Relations Officer, Programmer Analyst, Senior Associate and Associate Consultant, Deepak wanted to focus more on product development. Following this realisation, Deepak opted to become an upGrad learner, to upskill and pivot his career in the desired direction by enrolling for the Executive PGP in Software Development and Blockchain with upGrad’s university partner IIIT Bangalore. “After 4 years of working, going back to being a student in an online classroom with a peer-to-peer setup, where everyone learns with a collaborative mindset, was a refreshing experience,” added Deepak.

As a part of the module, Deepak learned about the applicability of Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Distributed Application Development, undertook industry level projects, through the perfectly curated limited time course curriculum with the help of collaborative peers and faculty. As a result, his career progressed and he bagged the role of a Senior Blockchain Engineer at a global Motor Vehicle Manufacturing company, with a 2.6x salary hike within just one year.

Sharing his professional experience so far, Deepak Srivastava commented, “I wanted to put an end to repetitive tasks and focus more on customer centric product ideas. To realise this aspiration, I chose to upskill and learn Software Development and Blockchain that clarified the principles of blockchain technology that can be applied to any domain, industry, or use case in the public and private sectors. Today, I am known fondly as the ‘Sheldon Cooper’ of Blockchain by my peers, because I have leveraged my learnings to transition my career in the direction I wanted. And upGrad made this transition possible through an inclusive, collaborative and flexible online course that dived deep into the elements of Software Development and Blockchain, to prepare us learners for industry and organisational demands.”

Given today’s challenging times and dynamic job market expectations, the need for Blockchain has become more important today, than ever before. Despite being the brightest student, one cannot achieve the desired career growth if they are not privy to outcome-oriented education that involves in-depth subject knowledge, and right hands-on industry skills. The concept of learning, unlike before, does not stop at a college degree. It’s a continuous Lifelong process, one that Deepak chose and excelled.

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