Uttarakhand CM Dhami Inaugurates Historical Jauljeevi Fair

Announces a grant of Rs. 5 lakh for the Mela saying it will enhances the relations between India and Nepal

Chief Minister Shri Pushkar Singh Dhami on Sunday inaugurated the famous historical, traditional and commercial Jauljeevi fair at Jauljeevi situated at the confluence of Kali and Gori rivers. The Chief Minister also visited the exhibitions put up by various departments in the fair. The Chief Minister said that the fair is our biggest cultural heritage. Fairs promote religious and cultural tourism. Jauljeevi Mela will be made more developed and convenient. Jauljeevi Mela also enhances the friendship relations of India Nepal. Fairs are a sign of our heritage and culture, we have to keep them alive while moving forward.

The Chief Minister said that in the last four months, more than 400 decisions have been taken by the Uttarakhand government in the interest of the state. The mandate of all these decisions has also been issued. Whatever announcements have been made, they are being implemented on the ground. He said that I am fortunate that I have taken birth in this land. Whenever I come here, I get immense affection from the people.

The Chief Minister said that the government has taken many decisions in the public interest. He said that the honorarium of guest teachers has been increased from Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 per month. The honorarium of Anganwadi workers has also been increased. The work is being done keeping in mind the sentiments of the people. In order to financially strengthen women in the state, loans ranging from 3 to 5 lakhs are being given at zero percent interest to provide financial support to women groups. As a result, today these women’s groups are providing employment to others as well.

The Chief Minister said that the construction work of the important road from Beram to Kanar would be started soon. Many problems arose during the Corona period. All possible help is being given by the government to the affected. A package of 119 crores has been announced for Self Help Groups. Loan up to 5 lakh is being given at zero interest. Apart from this, while issuing a package of Rs 200 crore for financial assistance to the people working in the field of transport and tourism, money is being deposited in their account through DBT. Decisions have been taken in the interest of ASHA, Upal Karmi and village heads. Many health check-ups are also being done free of cost in primary and community hospitals.

The Chief Minister said that a proposal has also been sent to the Government of India to increase the amount in all parameters of disaster relief. At the state level, the Rs 3800 which was earlier given for water coming and partial damage to the house during the disaster has now been increased to 5000. The amount of building damage has also been increased from 1 lakh 1900 to 1 lakh 50 thousand now. He said that a proposal has been sent to the Government of India to open a disaster research institute in the state to prevent the occurrence of disasters every year.

Various announcements were made by the Chief Minister for the development of the area on this occasion. He announced that a motorway would be constructed from Chami to Metli. Health center will be constructed at Jauljeevi. Road will be constructed from Jauljeevi to Vanaraji tribal settlement Ganagaon-Pachkana-Dhungatoli. Manidhami motor road will be constructed from Mawani-Dawani. A motor road will be constructed from Basantkot to Munnagardhar-Uchhati-Lilam. An embankment will be constructed for flood protection located on the right side of the Simgad river. An embankment will be constructed for flood protection in Khet Bharad village on the left side of Munsiyari Berar Gad. Allopathic hospital Tejam will be upgraded. A motor road will be constructed from Malladhar to Madalkia. Basora-Salyadi motor road will be constructed from Balmara. Nola Public School Jumma will be included in the grant list. Weaver’s building will be constructed in Jauljeevi. Action will be taken for allopathic hospital berm. Munsiyari will be made a Nagar Panchayat on the consent of the local people. Action will be taken to open health centers of Gram Panchayat Pangla. He also announced a grant of Rs 5 lakh for organizing the Jauljeevi Mela.

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