Uttarakhand CM Reaches Badrinath, Takes Feedback On Arrangements From Devotees

The Chief Minister also prayed for prosperity of the country and state by visiting and worshipping Badri Vishal

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami visited Badrinath on Saturday to inspect the facilities and travel arrangements for devotees. During his field inspection, the Chief Minister emphasized the importance of ensuring convenience, safety, and ease for the devotees visiting Badrinath Dham. He instructed the related departments to maintain orderly travel arrangements so that the journey remains smooth and systematic, allowing devotees to have an easy darshan of Badrinath Dham.

Throughout his visit, Chief Minister Dhami engaged with devotees from different parts of the country to gather their feedback on the current arrangements. He specifically inquired about various facilities such as the token counter, queue management, control room, and medical and health services. He urged officials to work in mutual coordination to enhance these services for the convenience of the devotees.

Chief Minister Dhami reiterated that the state government is continuously striving to ensure a smooth, safe, and convenient Chardham Yatra. He mentioned that the Yatra is being conducted within the capacity limits of the Dhams, which has made the pilgrimage well-organized and provided devotees with easy opportunities for darshan. The Yatra is progressing smoothly, according to the Chief Minister.

Responding to local stakeholders’ proposal to increase the number of pilgrims allowed for Badrinath Dham, the Chief Minister stated that an assessment would be made, and the number of pilgrims would be adjusted based on the Dham’s capacity. He assured that there are sufficient hotels and accommodation facilities in Badrinath and highlighted that the priority is to ensure convenience and security for all visitors.

During his visit, the Chief Minister also took the time to pray for the prosperity of the country and the state at Shri Badri Vishal. The Temple Committee Vice President, Kishore Pawar, welcomed Chief Minister Dhami and presented him with Badri Prasad as a token of appreciation.

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