Varanasi Investors Summit – Industry To Invest Rs. 46 Thousand Crores

95 thousand people will get employment, 292 investors signed MoU

By Ratnesh Rai

Kashi’s model of development has become known all over the world. Apart from traffic connectivity, law and order and basic infrastructure in Varanasi, the entire district has been rejuvenated, the results of which are now coming to the fore. A large number of investors have shown interest in investing in Varanasi. Varanasi Investors Summit was organized on Friday to inform the investors about the new industrial policies of the government and to clear the doubts of the investors. So far, 292 investors have signed MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) worth Rs 46,000 crore in Varanasi. After this, 95,000 new jobs are likely to be created in Varanasi. On the other hand, investors have shown maximum interest in the growing tourism sector in Varanasi. In this, investment MoUs worth more than 11 thousand crores have been signed.

All departments gave presentation

In the Varanasi Investors Summit, a presentation was given regarding schemes and new policies by various departments to promote industrial development and employment generation in the district. With this, all the prospective investors were informed about the financial and other incentives being provided by the Government of Uttar Pradesh for new investment expansion of projects in various sectors. Along with this, the doubts of the investors were resolved by the concerned departmental officers. Investors and prospective entrepreneurs participated in the program and gave their suggestions.

Will solve the problems of investors: DM

In the meeting, the investors also raised the issue of problems faced by the Varanasi Development Authority due to the passing of maps online. On which VDA has kept its point through figures. District Magistrate Varanasi S Rajalingam assured the investors at the Varanasi Investors Summit that the authorities are always ready to solve their problems. It was told by the District Magistrate that through 292 investors, an MoU has been signed for investment of 46,000 crores, while 324 investors have shown interest in investing 47,705 crores. MoUs were also distributed to some of the investors.

A total of 292 MoUs have been signed in Varanasi so far. The amount of proposed investment in these is Rs 46001.80 crore.

MoUs of how much investment were made in which department

1- Tourism Department – 42 MoU – 11576.06 crore.

2- Department of Energy and Electricity – 2 MoUs – 22800 crores.

3- UP State Industrial Development Authority – 5 MoUs – 2096 crores.

4- Industries Department – 189 MoUs – 3226.74 crores.

5- Housing and Varanasi Development Authority Department – 17 MoUs – 3028.16 crores.

6- Health and Medical Department – 4 MoU – 959.84 crore.

7- Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry Department, Varanasi) – 4 MoU – 13 cr.

8- Deputy Director, Dairy Development Department, Varanasi – 4 MoU – 85 crores.

9- Director, Department of Additional Sources of Energy (UPNEDA), Varanasi – 3 MoU – 205 crores.

10- Infrastructure and Industrial Development Department – 1 MoU – 900 crores.

11- Horticulture and Food Processing Department – 9 MoUs – 209.02 crores.

12- Handloom and Textiles Department – 8 MoUs – 178.75 crores.

13- Food Safety and Drug Control Administration Department – 2 MoUs – 109.26 crores.

14- IT and Electronics Department – 1 MoU – 10 crores.

15- Uttar Pradesh Expressway Industrial Development Department – 1 MoU – 5 crores.

Noted Pulic Policy Expert of India and Managing Director of White Dolphin Media, Mr. Mohan Shukla told that this is a huge achievement not only for the Parliamentary constituency of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi but also for Uttar Pradesh and its Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath, who has over the years, dealt with crime and criminals in the state with a heavy hand and as a result of this friendly and fearless environment, investors are turning back towards Uttar Pradesh.

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