Varanasi Leads Uttar Pradesh In Energy, Savings And Environmental Conservation Efforts

Varanasi has surpassed the target of 25,000 connections for solar rooftop grid systems with an influx of registrations exceeding expectations

Varanasi is spearheading energy, individual savings, and environmental conservation initiatives in Uttar Pradesh. The government’s ambitious endeavor to transform Varanasi into a solar city is gaining momentum, promising significant savings in both electricity and finances while prioritizing environmental protection. The “Har Ghar Solar Yojana” (Every Home Solar Scheme) has garnered exceptional public participation, with over 28,000 registrations for solar rooftop grid systems in just two and a half months, surpassing the targeted 25,000 connections. This is resulting in savings of more than 31 lakh rupees for consumers/ public.

Mr. Himanshu Nagpal, Chief Development Officer, highlighted Varanasi’s pivotal role in the “Har Ghar Solar Yojana” asserting its position as the top performer in Uttar Pradesh. The scheme initially aimed for 25,000 solar rooftop grid systems, but it has now expanded to nearly 72,000 connections under the “PM Surya Ghar Yojana” (PM Solar Home Scheme). Approximately 1,045 households have already begun benefiting from solar energy, collectively saving over 4,702,500 units of electricity, translating to savings of ₹31.35 lakhs so far.

Furthermore, under the scheme, the state government offers subsidies ranging from ₹45,000 to ₹1,08,000 for installing solar panels ranging from 1 kW to 10 kW. Efforts are underway to achieve the next target within the next three to four months, ensuring wider accessibility to solar energy and promoting sustainable development across the state.

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