WhatsApp Calls To Be Chargeable In India ?

Telecom companies complain that platforms like WhatsApp etc. provide messaging or calling service to consumers, which causes them loss

Soon such a system could be implemented in the country, under which you will have to pay money for making WhatsApp calls. The Modi government has released the draft of the Telecom Bill to get the opinion of the people. The bill provides that the facility of sending calls or messages through WhatsApp, Facebook will be considered as a telecom service. For this, these companies will have to get a license.

Why was it needed

Telecom companies of the country have been constantly complaining that platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook provide messaging or calling service to consumers, which causes them loss. These telecom companies have been saying that their services come under telecom service. The draft bill has been made public to know the opinion of the people on this issue. By October 20, people will be able to give their opinion regarding the provisions of this bill. After getting the opinion of the people, the bill will be introduced in the Parliament. Provisions have also been made in the bill to prevent cyber fraud.

Bill to stop cyber fraud

Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said that in the proposed bill to prevent cyber fraud, a provision has been made to increase the punishment for such crimes. Different areas of the country like Jamtara, Alwar and Nuh have become infamous for such frauds. Another provision has been made in the proposed bill that any person making a call will now be able to identify the person receiving the call. There is no need to download any app for this. In order to streamline the digital system in the country and protect the interests of consumers, the government is also working on the draft Personal Data Protection Bill and Digital India Bill in addition to the Telecom Bill.

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