When there are surplus of activities to deal with inside a business, why make logistics an over burden?

Quifers has come up with the solution of smart logistics and deliveries with the alignment of technology. We manage each and every aspects of logistics for our corporate clients, some of which are Marico, Vijay sales and Bill Box.

While the clients were tackling with everyday challenges of deliveries, manual transportation billing and high transportation costs, we came up with automation of key processes in daily operations, e-documentation and billing.

We use smart algorithms, savy mobile apps and a single dashboard to manage the entire run. We helped customers in

  1. Managing deliveries on a daily basis
  2. Inventory tracking
  3. Route optimization

Our focus industries are broadly categorized into

  2. Transportation
  3. E-commerce
  4. Field service
  5. Cold chain
  6. Retail.

Website : http://quifers.com/

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