Two Civilian Workers Of Ordnance Depot Kolkata Brutally Beaten Up At The Behest of Lieutenant Colonel : BPMS

The Bhartiya Mazdoor Pratiraksha Sangh (BPMS), an affiliate of the Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) has written to the Chief of Defence Staff, regarding a brutal assault on civilian employees by Lt. Colonel S.K. Jena, (Administrative Officer) of Ordnance Depot, Kolkata on 17 Apr 2021. The BPMS has demanded action against the erring official at the earliest. The letter written by BPMS is reproduced below for the benefit of the viewers of – 

Subject: Brutal beating of Civilian Employees by the Combatants on Instigation of Lt Col S K Jena (Administrative Officer) Of Ordnance Depot Kolkata on 17 Apr 2021.


With due regards, it is intimated on the subject matter that there was a meeting between Lt Col SK Jena, the Adm Officer of Ordnance Depot, Kolkata and the civilian employees Shri Mantu Maity and Shri Sonu Kumar Jha, of the Depot led by Shri Jiten Kumar Singha, Secretary of Works Committee on 17 Apr 2021.

The meeting was for discussion with regard to detailment of employees outside of the Depot. While the matter was in discussion, two of the combatants viz. Army No – 15822579Y Sep Pawan Kumar and Army No – 15821504P Sep Akash Popnoi on instigated by Lt Col SK Sena, started beating the above civilian employees badly and brutally. It led to serious and severe injuries to the above mentioned civilian employees.

A representation/ grievance dated 17 Apr 2021 by Ordnance Depot (Alipore) Shramik Sangh is enclosed for further elaboration on the matter.

Further, ALWC/ Ordnance Depot Alipore Kolkata vide his letter no. 2808/X/LWO dated 19 April 2021 submitted the whole incident to Dy Chief Labour Commissioner Welfare (C), New Delhi whereby it was intimated too to the higher authority that Lt Col S K Jena, Adm Officer had never behaved properly with Depot Works Committee and Civilian employees on earlier occasions also.

It is worth to submit here that facilities available with the representatives of the recognised Unions, the Members/Secretary of the Works Committee etc. include negotiation, discussion, meetings etc. with the Administrative departments. [Kindly refer CPRO 48/48 , Govt of India, MoD(D JCM) OM No 09(03)/2018-D(JCM) dated 26 Oct 2018 and other clarifications].

It is needless to emphasise that there is no place for violence from the either parties while in discussion on the matters related to the organisation or even on any other matters since sufficient other Rules and instructions are already available with the department to deal with any of the matter in dispute.

Considering the above which is extraordinary/ inhuman in nature in so far as involvement of an Army Officer is concerned with the employees and that too with the Representative of the workers in a democratic set up, it is requested to kindly take some remediable steps in order to bring the culprits to book and avoid further resentment of the workers.

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